Another Marshfield Observation

No place like home:

This is another article about how Toby Kerns is adjusting to life at home again. What struck me about this particular article was the quote about Joe Nee’s family…

Joe Nee’s family has chosen not to speak to the press, but Nee’s lawyer has argued that Nee is a hero for turning in Kerns and that Nee was arrested only after witnesses “came out of the woodwork” because the police went public with the investigation.

That is eerily reminiscent of the parents of Eric Harris who have refused to talk to the press.

Just an observation.

2 thoughts on “Another Marshfield Observation”

  1. Many people in the community who know the players see the injustice that is happening to Toby! His father was the only parent who got help for his son but the DA is making him the sacrificial lamb !!!! Why is that ??????


  2. In an article that I just read in the Marshfield Mariner it said that the judge agreed that the circumstances in Joe Nee’s case have changed, but I do not see this. Since Joe’s arrest, no new witness’s have come forward exonerating him or even supporting him. How have his circumstances changed? Although the circumstances of Joe’s case have not changed since his arrest, Tobins have, for since his arrest about 22 statements were made in which the finger was pointed at Joe rather than Toby. I do not understand why the judge in Joe’s case is being so understanding of his point of view. Anyways, I just thought that this was an odd thing for the judge to agree to. Also, I do not understand why Joe’s dad made a public statement inquiring why the daughter of Bethany Lunn, Toby’s girlfriend, had thought it was Joe all along. Bethany lives on the same street as Joe and has known him since he moved to Marshfield although they were not friends. I’m sure that if her mother thought that it was Joe all along, she had a reason for thinking so. She inquired about Joe’s involvement in Tobin’s arrest since the day that it occurred. Anyways, to me, as a citizen of Marshfield, the way in which this case has been handled in troubling to hear about, for it seems to me that there has been an extreme amount of corruption in this case.


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