Osantowski to stand trial

Teen accused of planning an attack on his high school ordered to stand trial:

No news of any great significance except that Andrew Osantowski has been ordered to stand trial for the charges against him and will be arraigned on February 7th. I guess it’s a procedural thing because I thought it was pretty much a given that he was going to be tried. What struck me as odd in this article was the following…

Dozens of Chippewa Valley students attended Wednesday’s hearing as part of a government class at the high school.

One of them, student government president Tom Novik, said he and his fellow students could have sat in on another case. But the 17-year-old said it was important to come to Osantowski’s hearing.

“I took it personally when it happened,” Novik said. “I was worried for everyone. … As of now, I think it’s behind us.”

Now I’m no supporter of Andrew Osantowski but I don’t see the point of allowing students from the school that he intended to show up to attend the proceedings. Could the defense make an issue of this or have I been watching too much Law and Order?

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