Joe Nee released on Bail

For those of you who have been following the Marshfield saga along with me, Joe Nee was released on $20,000 bail today…

Nee Free on $20,000 Cash Bail

The second suspect in the alleged plot to commit murder at Marshfield High School is out on bail.

The parents of 18-year-old Joseph Nee posted the 20-thousand cash bail at the Brockton Superior Court Clerk’s office shortly after Judge Suzanne Delvecchio set the bail. Nee’s father Tom says he is happy to have his son free, especially since the boy’s grandfather is near death. Defense attorney Tom Dreschler argued that circumstances have changed involving his client. He cited the fact that Nee’s co-defendant Toby Kerns is free on bail and that Kern’s has a lengthy juvenile record. Judge Delvecchio says the fact that Kerns is out on bail was one reason she set bail on Nee. The judge also ordered that Nee’s release be based on conditions set by the probation department.


As usual Nee’s attorney, Tom Dreschler, has been trying to deflect blame away from his client by citing that Toby Kerns has a criminal record. I find the term “lengthy” to be a bit over dramatic. As I said before one does not have to have a criminal record to be a criminal. How many of us knew someone who had a relative in an authoritative position that allowed them to escape any kind of punishment? Toby Kerns didn’t have that luxury. Who’s to say that Joe Nee’s criminal record might have been more sordid than Toby Kerns’ if his father wasn’t a Boston cop? Also like I mentioned the other day the witness who said she saw Joe Nee bring a gun to school changed her testimony and said she didn’t know if it was real or not. It seems very suspicious to me.

2 thoughts on “Joe Nee released on Bail”

  1. i know joe and he is guilty he brags about what he did and hes a sick little puss faced geek who’s daddy saved his queer ass


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