More on Joe Nee’s release

Teen held in massacre plot freed on bail to parents:

Joe Nee out on $20K bail:

These are two more articles on Joe Nee’s release and it seems like to be the Massachusetts media is starting to side with Joe Nee. So let me reiterate my opinions on the matter.

His father, president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association Tom Nee, threw Joe Nee out of his house. Kids aren’t usually thrown out of the house for being good kids.

Joe Nee was the one who wore a homemade shirt with the date of the Columbine massacre and “Remember the Heroes” written on it in German to school several times. Nee also dressed as Eric Harris for one Halloween.

Joe Nee was the one who was witnessed bringing a gun to school. Whether or not the witness could tell if the gun was real or not is irrelevant. If the gun looked real the only other way to tell it’s real is if it’s being fired. Luckily that didn’t happen.

In my opinion, Joe Nee turned in Toby Kerns to cover his own ass before Toby could turn him in.

Just because he’s a cop’s son doesn’t automatically make him an upstanding citizen. According to previous reports, the reason Joe Nee was thrown out of his house was that he assaulted his own father.

After the Kernses took Joe Nee in it was in Nee’s room where the plans were found and where Nee had placed a giant swastika on the wall.

And like I’ve said many times before when this story first broke and I was being pretty rough on the Kernses a number of people from the Marshfield area came to his defense. And again I have yet to get one comment or e-mail in defense of Nee. I think that speaks volumes.

I just hope that the jury can see through the diversionary tactics that Nee’s attorney is using.

4 thoughts on “More on Joe Nee’s release”

  1. It is interesting to note that Joe Nee’s house was never searched, nor were the houses of the two other boys. Too late now. I don’t think that their lockers were ever seached either.Toby’s Aunt Marsha


  2. I think that this page is bad,there ,it is no reason to be posting this stuff about,joey,my friend’s boyfriend its just not right, and i don’t think he’d apprecaite this being posted, nor do any of my friends,or i,so just stop,leave joey alone, what he wishes to do is on him, not for you to post.:mad:


  3. Personally, I think that I have my oppinions on this situation..but I still don’t care… you shouldn’t be posting about them theyaren’t you and it doesn’t matter… just drop it personally I dohave friends that are related to Joey and you need to STOP! you mayhave people taht agree but also you have MANY people that don’tagree and are bothered by this…


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