Pat Ireland


I found this to be an interesting article about Pat Ireland. For, those of you who may not remember Pat Ireland was the student at Columbine High who was pulled from the window by police after being shot twice in the head and once in the foot by the scumbags Harris and Klebold. Prior to the shooting, he had a 4.0 grade average. He graduated co-valedictorian with a 3.9. Then he went on to graduate magna cum laude from Colorado State. All this after 17 months of physical therapy and relearning how to walk and talk and read and write. So what did Pat Ireland do to Harris and Klebold that deserved being shot in the head twice? Nothing…

Ireland, who didn’t know either of the assailants, escaped with his life.

Pat Ireland could have easily been the 14th cross just for being in the library. 3 bullets ripped through his flesh but he didn’t know either gunman. He was partially paralyzed yet he didn’t know either of them. He had to relearn the use of his motor skills but he never knew his attackers until that day.

Yet some people have the nerve to say the shootings were justified.

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