1/30/05 From The Mail Sack

The mail has been piling up here and I’ve been putting it off for so long I’m now two weeks behind on it. I’m in the middle of posting my replies but it’s probably going to take me all week to finish up. However, I got a comment today that I felt required my immediate attention. For those of you that have been following the events in Marshfield, Mass. you’ll know that I’ve been saying that I’ve gotten a ton of responses in support of Tobin Kerns but none for Joe Nee. Well, that changed today. I got a comment from someone claiming to be a relative of Nee on my “Lost Boys” entry…

It’s really to bad that when something like this happens people are really quick to point fingers. All the boys are just as responsible for all that happened. Joe Nee is not the ringleader he’s an easy target for angry parents. What you should really be doing is thanking him for preventing disaster. Toby might say he was going to tell but he didn’t Joe did. Joe is such an easy target because of who his father is and his problems. We should be just as angry with all the other boys. They cant possibly be such angels if they were at all involved in this. So what i’m trying to say is Joe is a kind-hearted kid who made a stupid choice he along with his friends will pay for it. I highly doubt this was all Joes’ idea. And just so everyone who reads this knows Joes family is great, as any family with a troubled kid has they have made mistakes but they still remain some of the nicest caring people I have ever met. Thank You —April (Joes cousin) we all make mistakes some bigger than others nobodies perfect!!!!

Comment by april Nee — Sunday Jan 30, 2005 @ 10:34 am

My opinions on Joe Nee have been well documented on this site so in the interest of fairness I am going to refrain from commenting on this except for saying this is the first time since Joe Nee’s arrest that one of his supporters have commented. I had someone on my site defending Tobin Kerns within a week of his arrest.

One thought on “1/30/05 From The Mail Sack”

  1. If Joe is such a good kid and we should be thanking him. Why did his father kick him out? And why did it take so long for his parents to get him back home? After leaving Toby’s house he moved into his girlfriend Daniel’s house? It sounds like he was sceaming for help and he was ignored? As far as pointing fingers!!! It looks to me like Joe’s dad was pushing hard to get his son immunity even before the investigation was complete.!!!! That’s a power that the rest of us are not used too.!!! No weapons found and pushing for an adult sentence when it involves a sixteen year old! Wrong!!!! Toby was the only one who’s father got him help and his house was the only house searched. Sounds like corruption to me.


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