The Mutants Are Rankled

And there’s nothing worse than a rankled mutant. Anyway, I found this posted at a pro-mutant message board. And by mutant I mean people who either worship or sympathize with the Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold or who feel they were justified in killing 13 people. Yes, there are actually people like this out there.

This guy’s hobby is to look for websites that don’t conform to The Lords of Denial. He claims to have downloaded a large number of them onto CD’s and turned them over to “law enforcement authorities.” Wow. My hero. He’s going to save civilization from the retaliation of its whipping boys. And like all of the other self appointed saviors of society, he claims to have been bullied too. Of course, he got over it like a good, little conformist and became a productive citizen, free from latent anger. Perhaps if all the other victims of community sanctioned sadism would just realize what their true place in the natural order of things was, we wouldn’t have any arguments.

Heil Hoffschneider!!

That’s called forgetting history. Historians are always warning us not to do that.

So let me get this straight. Rather than moving on from what happened to me in school I should just ball it up inside and carry it with me until my dying days? No thanks. If you do that then the assclowns who bullied you are still bullying you. Why would you want to let them win? The old saying goes “Living well is the best revenge”. If you’re going to carry around that hate with you for the rest of your life then you’re not living well. That makes me feel sorry for you.

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