Lawyer tries to get Osantowski charges dismissed

Teen’s lawyer: Dismiss terror charges:

This is like watching a bad episode of Law & Order. Andrew Osantowski’s lawyer, Brian Legghio, is trying to get the internet messages he sent to Celia McGinty dismissed because they don’t prove the accusations of the terrorism charges. Oh really? How about a little sample from the chat transcript?

on judgment day ill prolly kill him, my mom, my sistyer, my autisitc brother and my 3 cats

bring a gun to school, ur on the front of every newspaper

didnt choose this life, but i damn well chose to exit it

i cant imagine going through life without killing a few people

got that has to be so hard

nothing wrong with killion

all god’s creatures do it

in one form or another


people can be kissing my shotgun straight out of doom

i tell it how it is

if u dont like it u die

if i dont like what u stand for, you die

if i dont like the way u look at me, u die

i choose who lives and who dies

Sounds like terroristic threats to me. Nothing is more pathetic than a desperate attorney in the media.

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