Mall gunman, mutant

DA: Suspected mall gunman was fascinated with Columbine massacre:

(Log in info) Well, this is an interesting turn of events. It turns out that the gunman who opened fire in the Hudson Valley Mall in New York is, in fact, a mutant. Robert Bonelli, 24, wounded two people in the mall including a National Guard recruiter who may lose his leg. Bonelli faces 25 years. Police found a cache of what they call “Columbine memorabilia” in the house that he shares with his father…

“We may never know specifically what his intentions were, or what his motivations were,” Williams said. “However, we are deeply disturbed and troubled by the recovery of Columbine memorabilia from his property.”

It will be interesting to see what motive, if any, comes out of this.

4 thoughts on “Mall gunman, mutant”

  1. Will you give it a rest already? This guy was 24 years old. He’s been out of high school and away from your athlete conspiracy for 6 years! If anyone carries a grudge that long he’s certifiably insane.Besides, he shot a National Guard recruiter. Last I checked recruiters weren’t bullying anyone…


  2. It’s not about taking revenge directly upon the bullies who hurt you. Harris and Klebold didn’t run into the varsity weight room with guns blazing. It’s about the sudden transition from a powerless state of mind to a powerful state of mind. After years of being made to feel powerless and persecuted, all with the silent and sometimes not so silent approval of just about everyone, the former victim of cruelty feels powerful for the first time in his life. Given the popularity of the average bully, it’s probably very easy to rationalize the idea that most of the potential targets at school or at the mall are the equivalent of collaborators. Anyone who isn’t an obvious outcast like himself becomes a target. At Columbine, I don’t recall any of the misfits being shot, do you?


  3. No. I recall alot of innocent people who had nothing to do with bullying in general being shot. Random people. People in the wrong place at the wrong time.It’s the same with Robert Bonelli. He walks into the mall and shoots random people. There is no way to rationalize that.


  4. Every time someone legitimizes cruelty, favors the bullies, or blames the victim, it becomes easier for the victim to rationalize mass murder. The effect does not quickly diminish simply because one leaves the public school system.


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