More Arrests in Mall Shooting

More arrests made in connection with mall shooting:

Police have arrested two more people in connection with the New York State mall shooting. Kenneth Stine and Liborio Valguarnera, both 25, were arrested Monday night for violating federal explosive laws…

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said the two were holding onto an arsenal of weapons, as well as information and videos on how to build pipe bombs. It seems police spotted the two men on a videotape found in Bonelli’s house. All three were seen making and detonating pipe bombs.

No word yet on whether or not these two are mutants too but I wouldn’t lay odds against it.

UPDATE: According to this Newsday article the ATF found nine long guns, a handgun, ammunition, and a pipe bomb fuse were found at Stine’s house.

5 thoughts on “More Arrests in Mall Shooting”

  1. What bothers me is when they are arrested for “violating federal explosive laws,” yet the reporting is about how many guns they found. From what I can see here, the only evidence they have is the video — nothing else reported is actually illegal.


  2. It must be the voices,or the video games,or the pernicious influence of television violence,or the ingredience in junk foods,or Marilyn Manson.Remember, a crime without a scapegoat is like a morning without orange juice.


  3. I’m still shocked at how stupid people can be…”Oh, let’s blow things up and record it!”This is what seperates humans from animals. Or is it idiots? I forget…


  4. Yes, the 1st Law of Terrorism clearly dictates the need to avoid becoming a suspect. Providing a video record of your criminal behavior obviously violates that law.


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