Mutant Rabbit

Police Say Rapper Inspired Shootings:

This is the first I’ve heard of this but according to this “source” police found bootleg copies of underground rap artist Dead Rabbit’s hit underground song, “Casa Rebel.” According to the “article”, the “song” “Casa Rebel” is a vivid description of a Columbine-like massacre. Who knew that rappers could be mutants? Here’s a description of the alleged “artist”…

Dead Rabbit’s music often describes violence as a form of protest. From killing preppie students to bombing a popular “yuppie” nightspot in Sacramento, CA, Dead Rabbit promotes the destruction of the “1 percent”; a slang term for the ruling class.

Well isn’t that special. No hidden meanings there I guess. The “artist” also released a statement on his website…

“While we are saddened that innocent people have been hurt by Bonelli, the reason by the shooting must be fully explored. Whether it was a random action or a political statement must be discovered. If he was truly inspired by our music, then neither his aim nor location (of the shooting) should be in doubt.”

Saddened. Right. This guy is probably ecstatic that one of his songs was found on a would be killer. Now he’s using this near tragedy to try to further his own “career” and agenda. Straight out of the Michael Moore handbook. I wonder if he would have changed his tune if someone had actually died.

Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids.

4 thoughts on “Mutant Rabbit”

  1. Be careful here Trench. You wouldn’t want anyone to think that you are a racist or something. I mean really, how could anyone in their right mind think that songs about killin a mutha fucka could be seem as setting a bad example.Thug Life Army…stoopid.


  2. whoa whoa, ok sometimes i tend to get all jazzed up about nothing !!!! just didn’t want anyone to think you are a racist or a hater… cuz you are pretty reasonable about everything !!!!!


  3. No, I wouldn’t have changed my tune if somebody died. It still would have went something like this. “do doo do dooe wop”See, some people can accomplish more in life than learning a little html, getting some fellow geeks to comment on “news items” and calling it a collective.I only regret that you took the noble symbol of the Columbine uprising, the trenchcoat, and turned it into a coward’s cape


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