More on the Mall Shooter

Mall shooting suspect wanted to die, uncle says:

The uncle and father of mall shooter Robert Bonelli Jr. dispute that he was obsessed with Columbine…

“This had nothing to do with skinheads, it had nothing to do with Nazism, it had nothing to do with Columbine,” said the uncle, a Lake Katrine resident. “It had to do with something that they don’t even know about. … It didn’t drive him to go kill somebody. It drove him to have himself killed by law enforcement. …

They also put out a dangerous opinion…

Robert Sr. said his son had Columbine-related materials only because he related to the shooters, who also were outcasts.

“I would not call it a fascination, but it was like a common personality, where they were picked on and ridiculed,”.

Relating to mass murderers and sharing a common personality is not a good thing. If more of these “fascinations” are allowed to be tolerated or dismissed by family and friends the more occurrences of these incidents will arise. And maybe next time the outcome won’t be so fortunate.

One thought on “More on the Mall Shooter”

  1. I dont know about relating to somebody being bad i mean Charlie Manson was hippie look what he did!.Martin Bryant was a surfer look what he did!.And Charles Dahmer worked in a choclate factory!!!!and jim not to insult you or anything but why were you looking up child beaters i know you just said all that shit about em but why look it up in the first place.


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