2/24/05: From The Mail Sack

I got this comment from my entry on the Rampart Range tapes being released…

eric and dylan are true heros to me i respect that they had the guts to pull this thing off and im sick of people bitching about them. none of you culd do that but if they were here now id shake there hands

Comment by arf — Wednesday Feb 23, 2005 @ 7:54 pm

This comment was left by someone from Great Britain. Now I know they teach spelling over there but even for Great Britain your spelling sucks. You know, because they have all the extra u’s in words. ( I kid)

So they’re your heroes huh? Well, that’s just swell. Because we all know that shooting unarmed people who had no connection with them was heroic. Oh wait, it wasn’t. That’s known as cowardice. Their original plan was to detonate bombs in the school then to shoot people as they fled the building. That’s even more cowardly than what they actually did. Then they took the cowards’ way out by killing themselves rather than facing the music. The ultimate act of cowardice. So in case you missed the point, your heroes are cowards.

The flames of hell are a little more yellow now that the two cowards are there.

7 thoughts on “2/24/05: From The Mail Sack”

  1. Neo-nazi … With a nick like that, I’m sure you have all the answers as to what heroism is. No one here argued that sometimes you need to stand up for yourself and kick a little ass.What we consider cowardice is two little pussys who can’t take the fight with fists but rather stand at a distance a shoot with a gun.What we consider cowardice is two pussys who take aim and shoot 13 people who had no connection to any of the alleged problems the little shits were claimed to have had.What we consider cowardice is two little pussys who took the easy way out of whatever problems they originally faced and then instead of facing the consequences like men, they turned their guns on themselves … like cowards who couldn’t deal with minor troubles enough to survive.Another thing we tend to have problems with is a berated moron with stalking and harassment skills. If you really did that to the girl, then your opinion is null and void because your part of the shithead demographic and barely deserved the breath your maker so kindly bestowed on you.


  2. yea eric and dylan are heroes to me so what!!!!!! they killed 13 people who cares if they wereunarmed. i am sick and tired of undeserving people walking on this fuckin shithole of a planet.Columbine was a point in time to be rememberd as when two people took a stand for what they belive was there goal in life to take down as many worthless fucks as they culd!i wish i was there to have seen it. and if the so called “cowards” are burning in hell i will be very happy to se them when i get there!!!!!!!


  3. Somehow I doubt you’d have been saying that the boys were heroes if it was you they’d turnedthe guns on.What makes you so sure your “hereos” wouldn’t have blasted your head off if you happened to bewithin that library at the time of the shootings?Also, I think when it comes down to it, we’re all worthless fucks to people we never even knew.I came across this topic by chance, my appologies if I screw up whilst posting it.


  4. There is no such thing as Hell. There is only nature, and nature is indifferent at best, and cruel at worst. As far as I’m concerned, if people like Klebold and Harris get a kill ratio higher than 1:1 before the end (and they did), then natural selection is working.


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