2/25/05: From The Mail Sack

This one is from yesterday’s mail sack

I think your idea of what a coward is is all mest up. No one who kills someone can be a coward, no matter how they do it. You are right that their plan was to detonate boms in the school, they were hoping the bombs would kill at least 500 people and when they came running out Eric and Dylan would shoot them. Going into the school and killing 13 ppl is being a coward? I don’t think so. When people mess with you you take care of them. I live near Detroit so I know how these things work.

Why don’t you grow some balls you anti-violent son of a bitch. You are just like this girls boyfriend that I know. I got arrested for threatening her and the school and what does her boyfriend do? Absolutely nothing. Some guy threatens and messes with your girl and you do absolutely nothing. How much more of a pansy can you be. I’m sure that’s how you are too.

Comment by Neo-Nazi — Thursday Feb 24, 2005 @ 6:29 pm

Now, this miscreant has already been thrashed by regulars Buddha Boy and Jim and newcomer Alyric but I thought why should they have all the fun.

First off by calling yourself “Neo-Nazi” it already shows that you have a limited intellect. Shooting unarmed people is cowardly who the shooters had no connection with whatsoever is cowardly. I can see why you would think they weren’t cowards since you have to make yourself feel big by threatening a woman. You know why her boyfriend didn’t do anything? Because it’s the rational thing to do. I know that word is probably a little big for you so you may want to look it up in the dictionary. Rational people only use violence as a last resort, usually when they’re lives are being threatened. Someone like you whose first reaction is to resort to violence is just asking to be put in jail or a grave. So before you end up dead or as someone’s bitch let me just tell you one thing…

Go make my fries.

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