Return of the Mutant Rabbit

Not too long ago I did an entry about how the New York mall shooter was allegedly partially inspired by a rapper who promotes violence against the “ruling class” by the name of Dead Rabbit. Mr. Rabbit claimed that he was saddened that innocent people were hurt. I said, “yeah right” and said that Mr. Rabbit is using this tragedy to further his own career. Then I asked if he would have changed his tune if people had died in the incident. Well, I received a response from someone claiming to be Mr. Rabbit…

No, I wouldn’t have changed my tune if somebody died. It still would have went something like this. “do doo do dooe wop”

See, some people can accomplish more in life than learning a little html, getting some fellow geeks to comment on “news items” and calling it a collective.

I only regret that you took the noble symbol of the Columbine uprising, the trenchcoat, and turned it into a coward’s cape

Comment by Dead Rabbit — Monday Mar 7, 2005 @ 6:01 pm

Rather than engage in a pointless flame war with you I’ll just leave your comment as is so the rest of the world can marvel at your ignorance.

5 thoughts on “Return of the Mutant Rabbit”

  1. Quote: I have a fan base of around 10,000 kids nationwide.answer: now we know whats wrong with the kidsQuote:You have four losers who agree with you.answer: make that 5Quote:I love this site! Reminds me who we’re fighting against!answer: your fighting against the rational people ?Quote:-A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies but once.answer: I noticed you made the quote, did you ever ponder what that means ? allow me to enlighten you… a hero only dies once because his/her heroism lives on in the hearts of those he/she aided. A coward dies a 1000 deaths because of the people who thankfully relive his/her death forever.Quote:Eric and Dylan died fighting oppression.answer: …and murdered people who didnt oppress them (sounds fair)Quote:You die a little every day you have to look in the mirror and see you’re half the man they were.answer: we all die a little everyday dumb ass, but I survived high school and didnt have to kill anyone to do so, so Im 10x the man those 2 fuck nuts were.Quote:You’ve accomplished nothinganswer: I made it to 30, and solved more problems with words than they did with bullets. Thats something.Quote:played some video games,answer: a coupleQuote:jerked off under your bed sheets,answer: nope, I do it over the sheets… with a sockQuote:worked a dead end job.answer: I’ve work a hell of a lot more than just one dead end job. and I have several trades under my belt. I can work anywhere in the world I wish. even better than that I know that I dont have to create a false persona so that a couple people like me. Im sure your just like every other rapper, straight outa lowcash etc.Quote:The highlight of your year was beating Halo 2.answer: ACTUALLY !! The highlight of 2004 was my girlfriend, who made the end of the year absolutly awsome. I never played Halo 2 (not even Halo 1) not a fan of 1st person shooter games.Quote:Where is your legacy?answer: At 30 years old I cant say I’ve left one yet. At this point I’ll be remembered by about 20 people and wept for by 10. I know that when I die I wont have millions cry for me like they did for tupac, biggie, elvis, john lennon, (did I say millions for the 2 white guys ? I ment billions) and multiple other celebraties who are not with us anymore. But, I also know this. Even if you are the person you say you are… neither will you. Die in peace loser.AND THATS HOW YOU STUFF A TROLL !


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