Columbine on the reservation:

Here’s how it went down…

What is known at this time is that Weise shot his grandfather and his grandfather’s companion before he drove to the school. His grandfather, Daryl Lussier, was a police officer with the Red Lake police department.

According to Michael Pabman, FBI, Weise took his grandfather’s bullet-proof vest, his police car and multiple weapons, and drove to the school.

Weise first encountered school security guard Derrick Brun, who was unarmed. Weise drove up to the school, confronted Brun and shot him before he entered the school.

He then proceeded down the hallway, saw teacher Neva Rogers, 62, and some students, and fired shots in their direction. Rogers and the students rushed into a classroom; Weise pursued them into the classroom and opened fire, killing Rogers.

He said police officers arrived while the shooting was in progress and entered the school. Weise shot at the officers and one returned fire. It is not known whether one of the shots fired by an officer injured Weise.

Weise then went back into the classroom and continued firing on the students.

The entire rampage took about 10 minutes, but there is an abundance of damage to the school, Pabman said. He was not sure how many rounds were fired. He said one of the weapons was a 22-caliber and that may have been the weapon that Weise used to kill his grandfather.

The authorities don’t know what happened at the grandfather’s house.

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