Hard Life but No Excuse

Jeff Weise: A mystery in a life full of hardship:

(Log in Info) More details of Jeff Weise’s life have been divulged…

Gurneau attributes some of Weise’s troubles to his beleaguered life. His father, Daryl Lussier Jr., known to relatives as “Baby Dash,” committed suicide in July 1997 following a police standoff that lasted for more than a day, Gurneau said. Not even Lussier’s father, Red Lake officer Daryl Lussier, could negotiate a peaceful ending. The senior Lussier was one of Weise’s first victims Monday.

Years later, Joanne Weise suffered brain damage in a car accident after she and a friend had been drinking, Gurneau said.

It explains a lot but doesn’t excuse anything. I couldn’t care less if he had red-hot pokers shoved up his ass on a repeated basis. It doesn’t matter how hard your life was, it doesn’t give you an excuse to kill 9 innocent people. But the “blame society” mindset that some people have will allow them to rationalize the situation by blaming jocks, or bullies, or the school when ultimately we are all responsible for our own actions. Unfortunately, the number of people who see it that way is dwindling.

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