Mutant See. Mutant Do.

Echoes Of Columbine:

This is what leads me to believe that Jeff Weise was a Harris and Klebold worshiping mutant…

Gunmen at both schools had been placed in disciplinary programs. They smiled as they shot their classmates. Witnesses at both schools recounted the gunmen asking victims if they believed in God, and shooting them after they said yes.

The Minnesota shooter, Jeff Weise, was a troubled adolescent, outsider at school, and extrovert in cyberspace, with a fascination for Adolf Hitler and a penchant for darkness — from his clothes to his imagination.

The media has it wrong. It’s not coincidence, it’s emulation. Jeff Weise asked one of his victims if he believed in God before shooting him. Allegedly Eric Harris asked Cassie Bernall if she believed in God before shooting her even though that claim is in dispute. why else would Jeff Weise ask one of his victims that?

Well, now he can imitate his heroes in hell.

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