More Signs

School Shooter Left Trail Of Clues On The Internet:

According to this article from Jeff Weise left even more clues on the internet…

In December 2003, on a site called the Writer’s Coven, Weise posted a story about a shooting spree that featured a character dressed in black and a teacher with a Hitler-like mustache, according to The New York Times. Like Monday’s shootings, in which Weise shot and killed an unarmed guard at the school (see “FBI: Minnesota Shooter Acted Alone, Chose Victims At Random”), one of the fictional victims was a school security guard, whose throat had been “ripped out, replaced by a bloody mass of torn tissue.” He also wrote that, “in the distance, somewhere else in the school, the sound of a blood-curdling scream echoed through the hallways.

They also bring up a very valid point that even though Jeff Weise was on the internet most of the people on his reservation could not afford to be on the internet. Which in turn made it more difficult to prevent this tragedy.

The Smoking Gun has a screenshot of his MSN Profile.

But getting back to the surprisingly informative MTV article they had this blurb printed at the bottom of the article…

If you ever see a student carrying a weapon or hear talk of plans for violence, you can anonymously call (866) SPEAK-UP toll free and the tip will be forwarded to the proper local authorities.

This number should be put on all articles relating to school violence. As a matter of fact, it will be a permanent fixture on my site sometime tonight.

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