3/30/05: From The Mail Sack

Let’s catch up on some of my hate mail, shall we…

First up is from my entry on Panzerfaust Records going out of business…

Danko Petrovic Says:

Defeat Never,

Victory Forever!

Sieg Heil, John!

Death to the Traitors!

Thursday Mar 24, 2005 @ 7:00 am

I guess I’ll just keep quoting GWAR when I get these comments and say straight from Hitler’s ass it’s a Nazi.

This next one is from my entry on the Open Letter to Jeff Weise. Now remember kids, I didn’t write the letter, I just provided a link to it. I still agree with it though…

navejo nation Says:

It seems like everybody has an “expert” opinion, on Jeff Weise, now that he is dead. So self righteous of your people. Such bullshit. Instead of concentrating all your hard earned writing abilities onto a dead 16 year old boy, do the decent thing and question the ethical policies of your nations leaders. I do not understand why American citizens are more concerned about the actions of a young misguided Chippewa boy, clearly in need of help, rather than raising objections about how your country is being governed by serial-killing-corrupt Politicians like George Bush. All throughout history your people have been responsible for the Wholescale murder, destruction, and systematic exploitation of “third world” citizens. But I guess that doesn’t take precedence over the Jeff Weise story does it? You wouldn’t know about the tales of rape, pillage and inhumane massacre of the indigenous Native American tribes, whenever you sit down and eat turkeys for Thanksgiving would you? Yet you have the audacity and arrogance to demonise and judge individuals like Jeff Weise, regardless of the fact you never met the boy. Who are the sick fucks now?

Monday Mar 28, 2005 @ 6:01 pm

First of all, I tried to make the fact that Jeff Weise was an American Indian a non-issue. Not once did I bring the matter of race up outside of the fact that he lived on a reservation but since you wanted to bring it up here we go. You talk about the different tribes of the American Indians. And I bet if I were to confuse the Lumbee with the Lenape or worse lump them all together you would consider me a racist. So I guess white people can’t have “tribes” but yet we do in a manner of speaking. You know where my “tribe” was when you say that American Indians were being massacred? They were too busy in Ireland being starved to death by the British. Do I hate the British now because of what they did to my ancestors? Hell no. You know why? Because it’s ancient history. So instead of whining about your ancestors why don’t you set an example and succeed in spite of what happened to your ancestors? And for your information I fucking hate Thanksgiving.

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