Loner No More

Red Lake Shooter, Alleged Accomplice Were Members Of Clique Called ‘The Darkers’:

Well, well, well. It turns out that Jeff Weise wasn’t the loner that everyone has made him out to be. It turns out that Weise, the recently arrested Louis Jourdain, and three others were part of a clique that called themselves “The Darkers”…

The crew wore black clothes, listened to heavy metal and dyed or spiked their hair, with Weise opting for devil’s horns in his school picture from last year. Though initial reports painted Weise as a lone wolf whose life was lived mainly online with a group of confidants that included Nazi sympathizers and fellow fans of dark fiction, students told the Star-Tribune that Jourdain and Weise constantly hung out together.

Red Lake junior Rick Barrett told the paper that the Darkers shunned students who listened to rap and country music, and that Weise tried to pick a fight with him last year over Barrett’s fondness for hip-hop.

Doesn’t sound too much like Weise was the one being bullied now does it?

Jourdain allegedly also recognized Weise as the shooter before anyone else…

An eyewitness told MTV News that before anyone knew Weise was attacking the school, Jourdain shouted out his friend’s name and ran toward Weise.

“At first he pushed over the librarian’s desk and he was like ‘F— … Jeff, it’s Jeff!’ and he ran out,” said Joe Good, 17, of Jourdain’s reaction to the sound of gunfire. Good also mentioned that another male student, who was hiding in the library when the rampage began, shouted out Weise’s name before anyone had seen him. That teen’s name has come up in a number of postings from Weise on various Web sites, according to the Pioneer Press.

It also seems that Jourdain isn’t the good kid that everyone is making him out to be…

The son of Red Lake tribe leader Floyd “Buck” Jourdain reportedly helped plan the deadly attack that claimed 10 lives on March 21, including that of 16-year-old shooter Weise. According to the Star-Tribune, the two boys exchanged numerous e-mails and instant messages beginning last year describing their plot to murder Weise’s grandfather — a police officer — steal his guns and use them to kill people at Red Lake High School.

An unidentified source told the paper that Jourdain even said at one point that he would be angry if the shooting spree happened without him.

Emphasis mine.

The article also states that three other teens who are suspected of discussing the plot with Weise have been questioned and could also face charges. I can only assume they are the three other members of “The Darkers”.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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