The Unintentionally Funny Lawyer

Osantowski’s attorney wants charges dropped:

My favorite attorney turned unintentional comedian is in the news again. Andrew Osantowski’s lawyer, Brian Legghio, is now trying to say that the plot Andrew Osantowski spoke to Ceilia Ginty about is protected as free speech. I think the Founding Fathers just rolled in their collective graves when I typed that. Again. I say let’s go to the chat transcript

on judgment day ill prolly kill him, my mom, my sistyer, my autisitc brother and my 3 cats

bring a gun to school, ur on the front of every newspaper

didnt choose this life, but i damn well chose to exit it

i cant imagine going through life without killing a few people

Now of course Mr. Osantowski is free to say those things. However what he is not free from is the repercussions from his own actions.

I don’t know if Mr. Legghio is trying to be funny but he sure gives me a chuckle. On the other hand, Assistant Macomb County Prosecutor Steven Kaplan lays out the facts…

“We don’t have to prove he would have done it or he had the ability,” Kaplan said. “The communication itself is the crime. We can prove he had the motive and the wherewithal to commit carnage at the high schools. He had hundreds of rounds of ammunition.”

So what Mr. Legghio is saying that the threats made by Andrew Osantowski were protected as free speech, therefore, authorities should not have acted on those threats, which may have culminated in the senseless bloodshed of students and staff at Osantowski’s school. Makes perfect sense to me. Assclown.

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