Tin Foil Press

Red Lake Whitewash:

I originally wanted to call this entry something less culturally sensitive but my wife talked me out of it. Anyway, this article is from the New York Press which calls itself New York’s premiere alternative newspaper. That translates into a hippy rag. Rather than let Jeff Weise be responsible for his own actions the “author” of this article lays the blame squarely on the evil white man. Read the whole article but I’ll give you a little taste…

The goal of this cover-up is to place all blame for the massacre on Jeff Weise’s evil shoulders. Thus, every major news organization repeatedly describes Weise as a Nazi, a gore-obsessed goth who once gelled his hair into the shape of horns.

The Nazi claim is the craziest of all. The obvious contradiction—Weise is a Native American, a child of one of the world’s greatest Holocausts—is lost on the very culture that committed that Holocaust. Weise was acutely aware of his people’s Holocaust, and he explicitly linked his rage and his urge to massacre to America’s moral hypocrisy.

It is easy to imagine that Weise connected his personal misery to the larger misery of his people.

Ok smart guy, let me ask you a question. If Jeff Weise was so outraged by the horrible treatment of his people then why did he kill not only a member of his own bloodline but other residents of his own reservation?

Get back to me when you unwrap yourself from your tin foil cocoon protecting you from your imagined white man conspiracy.

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