Prior Knowledge

Guard’s family member may have known of Weise’s plan:

(Log in info) This would be a very interesting development if it turns out to be true. Victoria Brun, the sister of slain Red Lake security guard Derrick Brun, is saying that someone in their family may have had prior knowledge of the attack. The family member has not been identified since the family member is a minor.

I’m beginning to doubt a lot of these “prior knowledge” claims. It was first reported that 20 people had prior knowledge of the attack which turned out to be the speculation of a police officer not involved with the case. At the time I thought 20 was too high of a number. I mean the odds of 20 people knowing about the plot and the information not reaching some school official or police are very slim.

Definitely, the signs were there but to go as far as calling that prior knowledge is a stretch.

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