Red Lake Vicim’s Family Speaks Out

Jeff Weise ‘ain’t no victim in this’:

One of the families of a Red Lake shooting victim has spoken out. Donna Lewis, the mother of slain victim Dewayne Lewis, had some choice words for the media and I find it hard to disagree with her…

“People are looking at that kid, Jeff Weise, like he’s a victim,” said Donna Lewis of Ponemah, whose son, Dewayne Lewis, 15, died in Weise’s assault on Red Lake Senior High School on March 21.

“He ain’t no victim in this. He’s the one that caused all of this. … He was a murderer. And I don’t even think that his family should even get s— from us. I think they’re the ones to blame, too, because the older people are supposed to watch their kids….

“They knew he was having problems. They should have been on him right away, instead of letting him go through life being a miserable little kid.”

It’s absolutely true. Jeff Weise was not a victim and anyone that believes that is fooling themselves. The article states that some Red Lake residents speak of Weise as part of the community’s shared tragedy. He is not part of the tragedy, he’s the cause of it.

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