Red Lake Press Conference

More Red Lake Details Released:

But not many. Basically, the only details released at the press conference were things that most of us already knew. They gave a little more detail in how Weise exchanged gunfire with police…

At 2:57 p.m. Weise encountered armed Red Lake officers and exchanged gunfire with them. Investigators believe Weise was struck three times from police gunfire: once in the lower back, once in the leg and once in the right arm.

Other than that the press conference was a bitchfest aimed at the media

“A significant amount of what has been published and broadcast in this case is simply false,” he said. “The publishing of this false information and rumors has hindered the investigation, endangered the rights of individuals, and worst of all, harmed in a further way the people of Red Lake, by creating an atmosphere of fear and suspicion, hindering the community’s ability to heal, interfering with the return of students to the Red Lake High School, and violating the privacy rights of individual tribal members.”

Heffelfinger declined to say which reports had been wrong. He said his office was looking into news leaks for possible prosecution of the sources for obstruction of justice.

So basically, it was a non-event.

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