5/8/05: From The Mail Sack

Let’s clear out the mail sack, shall we?

The first one is from my entry on the Eric Harris journal of course…

Beachbaron58 Says:

I have to respond to the word “coward” since it is used so many times here. Anyone who can do what Klebold and Harris did then pull the trigger with a shotgun in your mouth is no coward to me. They shot and killed other kids at close range not once but many times without batting an eye! These two gave the word “hate” a whole new meaning. I asked myself why I had an interest in the Columbine story and made prints of so much material? Same as everyone else five years later, the story is fascinating sad to say and we all know Columbine was just the begining but no way the end of such things. Other people will try to do better than Klebold and Harris, that is just the way things are.

Friday Apr 15, 2005 @ 10:35 pm

What’s scary about this is that in a previous comment this guy said he was a 46-year-old Navy vet. And to address the issue at hand, yes they were cowards. If I have to explain why you haven’t been paying attention.

The next one is from my entry about the Columbine death photos

fegan Says:

Erik and Dylan were solidiers of an radical opinion and they made all us anarchists and anti social revolutionaries realise it is time to make our mark we need to prepare the revolution is at hand it is time for society to stop all these black and white thoughts on right and wrong and listen with an open mind to our opinions on how society should work

We our the children of cililzed society and the future leaders of this forsaken land that we are forced to dwell soon it will be ours lets get it better suited for our existance

Friday Apr 29, 2005 @ 10:15 pm

Ah yes. No punctuation and almost no capitalization. The true sign of an intellectual. And let’s not forget “An radical opinion” Apparently being an anarchist or an anti-social revolutionary means failing English class. They were not soldiers of an radical opinion. They were psychopathic cowards. They didn’t even have the guts to face the repercussions of their own actions.

And lastly from my entry about the Eric Harris worship site




Thursday May 5, 2005 @ 11:03 pm

All capitalization is worse than no capitalization. Also, does anyone care take a guess at what ISP this “person” uses? That’s right it’s everyone’s favorite polluter of the internet AOL. Anyway parents, see what your kids are up to. If this is your kid they think that two people who killed 13 innocent people are “HOTT”. A little supervision goes a long way.

8 thoughts on “5/8/05: From The Mail Sack”

  1. Not only are you a good true-crime blogger, but you take on crap I won’t touch yet. Well — I will examine school shootings if they have an interesting element, like Jeff Weise’s internet activity, but Klebold &amp Harris, man — I just don’t want to deal with their cult. Hat’s off to ya, bud. E-mails like that would have me shooting the computer.


  2. Quote: “Trench, instead of constantly bitching about other people and their fascination in Columbine, why don’t you try explaining why they did it?”I’m not even sure *they* know why they did it. Beyond that they were pyschopaths. :roll:Quote: “… Is that all you can come up with?”If the shoe fits, and all that.Quote: “It seems everyone labels school shooters as “psychopaths” What good does that do?”To quote Chris Rock: “Can’t a person be CRAZY no more? Did they *eliminate* crazy from the dictionary?”Quote: “It doesn’t explain a thing and it sure as hell doesn’t prevent school shootings.”You appear to be operating under the assumption that there A) is always an overt reason for a shooting and B) that there is some sort of sure-fire, catch-all way to prevent them. Both are wrong. Assuming there was an overt reason for their actions, it wouldn’t do a damned thing to prevent the next one. Hell, some of these kids would probably go on a shooting spree because they got too much mayo on a sandwich.Quote: “Oh, and just because we are interested in them doesn’t mean we condone what they did. Doesn’t mean we think killing 13 innocent people is justified.”Who’s we?Quote: “Not all of us out there are “OmFg eric n dylan r so hawt!!1? so stop making that blatant assumption and labelling us all “mutants””Read some of the mail he gets. I assure you most whole-heartedly, these are mutants. If you don’t fit into the category, don’t complain. If you do, I humbly submit that having children would be a bad idea. :roll:Quote: “Did you know that jocks even admitted to bullying them?”Every *respectable* news source that has bothered to investigate says otherwise. Don’t throw around contradictions without proof.Quote: “It seems someone needs to do their research.”Likewise. I suspect you were duped by early media reports, less reputable sources that are unwilling to retract mistakes, and/or organizations falsely perpetuating this to further their own agendas.Quote: “You’re even more ignorant than the people who blame video games and Marilyn Manson, because unlike them, you won’t even attempt to look into the reasons behind it.”You haven’t read much of this site, have you?Quote: “So go on, Trench, why do these “psychopathic cowards” kill people?”That’s easy. Because they’re psychopathic cowards.Quote: “I’d be very interested to know what psychobabble labels you come up with this time.”Crazy.


  3. i love it when the president of TOAST makes an appearance :mrgreen:i nominate Alyric for vice president!


  4. Secondly Jess on page 247 of the 10k report it says that Adam Kyler (who suffered from a disability) testified that in 1998 he was so harassed by Klebold at school that his parents complained and the bullying stopped. While giving the complaint he states that his parents were informed by school authorities that they were already aware of Klebold’s propensity to bully.What do you have to say about that?


  5. When did I ever say they didn’t bully people? KILLING PEOPLE is bullying people. I was just trying to correct the fact that they weren’t bullied themselves, because they were, and I think everyone here ought to read “No Easy Answers” by Brooks Brown for some insight into Columbine for someone who knew both of them and was caught up in the blame game afterwards.And calling me a “stupid troll” is bullying me. If you’re all so against bullies – why lash out on everyone who states an opinion on the site? Isn’t it called “Freedm of Speech”? Don’t be intolerant and insensitive to other people – you never know when another kid is going to go over the edge.


  6. Quote: ” I was just trying to correct the fact that they weren’t bullied themselves, because they were…”Sorry, a couple of people making fun of them isn’t bullying.


  7. Jess: the thing that makes you stupid is that if you want to label everything as bullying (including some name calling) then its stands to reason that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE has been bullyed. If thats the case and billons over 3 have not commited murder for the reasons of bullying, then bullying can not be the answer. If it were than we would see a hell of a lot more cases like this. Kids would come in hordes with anything they could kill with. Not to mention that todays killer would be tomorrows target. and what of the victims of REAL bullying ? kids who have had pine cones shoved up their asses and been tea bagged ? how about the kids who were injured during Columbine and Red Lake ? If name calling is justifed reason for murder shouldnt those people be justifed to nukes ?If I were you (thank god im not) I wouldnt play the freedom of speech card. while you are protected by law to not have lawful reprisal against you for your words… you still have to face the fact that your words DO make you look like a moron.This message was brought to you by TOAST(The Organization against Stupid Trolls)“We take care of the trolls so that Trench can deliver the news”


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