The Secret Service Proves My Point

Feds help schools identify dangerous students:

This is an article about how the Secret Service tries to identify students that are potential school shooters. I noticed that nowhere in the article does it state that the Secret Service is trying to identify bullies. What’s my point? My point is like I’ve said before, that with each school plot that is uncovered the focus becomes less and less about bullying and more about threats of violence against schools. Do I support bullying? Of course not. Like I’ve said before I was bullied in school but I got over it. Armed retaliation is not a logical response. But don’t believe me. Listen to this kid who got busted for it…

Now in prison, the boy said he is in more pain now than ever. “You have to go day by day, remembering what you did,” he said.

Think. Is it really worth it? When you get arrested and land in jail you’ll find out a whole new definition of bullying.

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