6/5/05 From The Mail Sack

Haven’t done a Sunday Mail Sack in a while. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The first one is from my entry on the Zero Hour documentary. Hold on, folks. It’s a long one…

Nameless Says:

Personally, I think Trench needs to think about his name calling against two people of which I doubt he would have called cowards and scumbags in person. I find your kind interesting, in that you can feel all high and mighty off of it, but it is sad because I highly doubt you would have said anything to them in person. Did you learn nothing from that documentary? I personally like to keep an open mind, giving everyone their own views and opinions and respecting them for such. However, Erich and Dylan were greatly misunderstood. I would also like to direct your attention to point that pieces of information, even on the day of the shooting itself, were false. Information such as the fact that the police, at one point in time during the shooting, believed there were more then two gunmen and even that there was a sniper on the roof. If you people search long and hard, and as well using more then one site for refrence so that you can reflect the material you find, you’ll start to understand things better…

You call two men cowards who took their time to make several explosives, purchase weapons dispite being of legal age, carefuly plan, and actually killed people… Interesting… I wonder how many of you people can truely say that you would carefuly plant propane explosives, though they of course did not go off – I would like you to keep in mind that if they did, it would have killed an estimate of 300 or so students, and yet when those bombs didn’t go off… They still shot and killed people… Why don’t you ask yourself a simple question… What would a man with nothing to lose do?

People like you, Trench, who think it is so great and wonderful to mock someone for being different and or because they do something outside of your beliefs or views, you people are the type of people who bring events like Columbine to reality. I, however, perhaps have no right to judge you or anyone. I don’t claim any drama calls for Eric and Dylans actions… I don’t sit here and say that they were doing it because of insecurity, though it was their so called fellow peers that aided in the reasons for them to do such things. I think that if you actually took the time to research materials out there, like per say Erich Harris’s journal entries or even go ahead and download the entire Columbine report (I can attempt to post a link to it actually if I can find it again but the version I found it in was in all PDF format) then perhaps you guys can start to understand the multiple sides to the story. Instead, you and the others are so quick to outcast them further because of what they did, regardless of the obvious that they themselves were victums. Some of the people they killed did not have anything to do with them actually, this I know myself. If you look at a lot of though, you’ll see that not a single one of them had a bad quality pointed out about them in any of the articles that were written about them after their deaths at Columbine. Interesting, don’t you think? There are more then just the sides of the people who were shot and killed. There are reasons for virtually everything. You would find it interesting to know that such things like the whole “asking so and so if they believed in god and then killing them because they said yes” were actually entirely false. You would find it interesting perhaps to learn that they didn’t have any real targets, dispite the fact that they did indeed say, “All Jocks Stand Up!” when shooting victims in the library. You can learn a good bit if you actually take the time to, instead of sitting here and mocking two beautiful people…

Personally, I think Eric and Dylan were tragic heros… We need more people like them…

Sunday May 29, 2005 @ 11:31 pm

I may not have called them cowards in person but I definitely would have called them scumbags because if they were still alive they didn’t do anything yet to be called cowards. But being the two juvenile delinquents that they were I definitely would have called them scumbags. So the police thought there may have been more than two gunmen. That doesn’t change the fact they killed 13 people in one of the most cowardly ways possible. And you go on about how careful their plans were and that doesn’t make them cowards. It not only makes them cowards it makes them psychopathic cowards. What do you mean they had nothing to lose? Graduation was a short time away. If they thought like most rational people they would have graduated and have been done with the school forever. I do not mock people for being different unless of course, they’re murderer worshipping mutants who don’t have the sense that God gave them. That’s not different. That’s just wrong. And do you mean the Columbine report that says Eric Harris’ so-called bullying was a whole two kids who made fun of him in gym class? The same one that said Dylan Klebold bullied a kid with a learning disability? They were not victims. What were they victims of? Upper-class suburbia? Spoiled rich kid syndrome? Spare me the blame society crap. And the Eric Harris Journal, yeah, I’ve read that too. I love it when people tell me to do my research when they obviously haven’t done there’s. Mocking two beautiful people? You have got to be kidding me. I see more as reviling two cowardly scumbags. They were not tragic heroes. They were two psychopathic cowards who can’t suffer enough for what they did. Seek professional help. It will do you some good.

My last one is from my entry from when I started The Watchlist

Sean Says:

Oh how much I love what Harris and Klebold did. FINALLY someone has stood up for themself and told the world how they felt and I love what Jeff Weise just did also the revolution has already begun and no one can stop it not even you. 13-2 9-1 long live 4-20-99

Wednesday Jun 1, 2005 @ 8:21 pm

What revolution? What were they revolting against? Does someone want to tell me, please? Just remember parents, this could be your kid.

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