Opening Statements in Osantowski Trial

Lawyer: No criminal act by teen accused of threatening terrorism:

The opening statements in Andrew Osantowski’s trial were today.

First up, defense attorney turned comedian Brian Legghio…

The lawyer for a 17-year-old accused of plotting a massacre at his suburban Detroit high school said Friday that the teenager is angry, hurt and foolish, but isn’t guilty of threatening an act of terrorism.

“He might belong in therapy. He might need psychotropic drugs. But what he did when he communicated with this girl was not a criminal act,” defense attorney Brian Legghio said during his opening statement at Andrew Osantowski’s trial.

That’s the best you’ve got? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my client is a psychotic nutjob in possession of stolen firearms but in no way did he threaten to blow up that school. Um..yeah…sure.

Next up assistant county prosecutor Steve Kaplan…

But assistant county prosecutor Steve Kaplan told the 14 jurors that Internet messages sent by Osantowski violated state laws against threatening an act of terrorism and using a computer to make threats of terrorism.

“This is not a crime of terrorism. The crime is making a threat of terrorism, not committing terrorism,” Kaplan said. “The facts really are not in dispute.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

Celia McGinty, the Idaho girl who reported the threats made in a chat with Osantowski, is expected to testify on Monday.

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