Trial ends for terror suspect:

This is another article about the Andrew Osantowski trial. It doesn’t provide much more information than already given but a couple of the paragraphs regarding Andrew Osantowski’s attorney, Brian Legghio, made my jaw drop…

Legghio, however, voiced some doubt about the authenticity or completeness of McGinty’s record of the chats as submitted to her father; he also likened himself to fictional Atticus Finch for defending a marginal and unpopular client and compared his client to Japanese Americans during World War II or blacks in the old South.

Legghio said the teen was misguided or a geek, who probably needs therapy. He said Osantowski did not show any intent to coerce civilians or the government.

“That’s the most important element,” Legghio told the jury in closings. “Otherwise, by God you can just forget your free speech, because you aren’t going to have any left.”

Emphasis mine.

Could this guy be any more arrogant? And here I thought doctors were the only one with God complexes. I guess criminal defense attorneys do too.

One thought on “Arrogance”

  1. How dare he think himself like Atticus! I love “To Kill a Mockingbird”Besides, Legghio is probably a legend in his own mind


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