Osantowski Verdict Aftermath

Michigan teen guilty of making threats to attack school:

(Log in info) Andrew Osantowski’s defense attorney, Brian Legghio, continues to crack me up…

Defense attorney Brian Legghio said he plans to file an appeal after the sentencing arguing, among other things, the cache of weapons discovered in Osantowski’s home should have not been admissible as evidence. Prosecutors did not have to prove Osantowski had the capability or the intent to carry out a threat, he said, and called that evidence prejudicial.

“When you peel that away, all you’re left with is a text message,” said Legghio, who doubted the message alone would have been enough to get a conviction.

He added that he would “bet my bar card” that the conviction would be overturned on appeal.

I would love to take that bet. Osantowski pleaded guilty to the stolen weapons charge so why shouldn’t it have been presented as evidence? Why is it prejudicial if it’s fact?

What is also very interesting is this quote from Chippewa Valley Superintendent Mark Deldin…

“There probably would have been some fear in our community if he had gone back home, in our neighborhoods,” Deldin said. “But I think the biggest message that this verdict sends today goes beyond Chippewa Valley Schools. It’s a resounding message that threats of violence and terrorism in our schools will not be tolerated.”

Emphasis mine.

That’s a great point. This case should have gotten more media attention then it did. This case should serve as a warning to those who would entertain the thought of attacking their school that this is their fate. I hope the sentencing phase drives home that point as well.

21 thoughts on “Osantowski Verdict Aftermath”

  1. Its safe to say Smart and Fairness are our resident idiots. they barely make sense when they talk and they don’t have the words “spell check” in their vocabulary.You talk about facts and you talk about truth and justice.Fact… he was found guiltyTruth… he made a threat and was found to have in his possession bomb making materialsJustice… Another threat to society is off the streets.welcome to the real world jackasses !This message was brought to you by TOAST(The Organization Against Stupid Trolls)“We take care of the trolls so that Trench can deliver the news”


  2. And if you were to give that information to someone, would that be a treat. Letting someone know where someone lives is not a treat.They really make it too easy sometimes. :lol:Fairness, seriously, learn English before you come back here again. You’re hereby in Bansville until further notice.


  3. No shit,………….If fairness is my neighbor,……………I’d LOVE to offer him/or her a cup of Joe,…we could sit down and talk and such…………..NOT!!!!! I would personally escort that ass around my neighborhood to show that everone loves me and knew the police were wrong in what they did to me. I’m guilty of growing a pot plant. So fucking what,………I love what I do and will do it again soon,……but he fact that there is a person out there who calls themselves “FAIRNESS” should sit back and learn English and learn how to type on a keyboard before they make an ass out of themselves. It is actually the Dumb-asses who set themselves up,……….Ya know what I mean Trench??? It’s plain as Day!!!


  4. First of all… has anyone thought about why he told this girl to begin with. Because if you follow the story, she told him up front that her dad was a cop, and in response he said that she should turn him in, almost as if he dared her to do it. Maybe the kid wanted help because he knew he was wrong, and i dont see how 40+ years in prison(with more common trash than you could fathom) would help. Ok lets take this kid who is on the BORDER of doing soething crazy and throw him in with a bunch of savages that will teach him to be more pissed off at the world than he already is. HE WAS TRYING TO STOP HIMSELF, THATS WHY HE TOLD SOMEONE!!! Oh and p.s. there were other students at the school who previously informed the counselors about Andrew and him being a little off… You know what they did…..Nothing, people were telling the schools something is wrong with this kid and they turned their back. Ok yeah he had weapons, we cant just let that slide….but a terrorist COMMON ARE YOU SERRIOUS!?!?!? I think that the biggest threat in this whole situation was to himself, he was angry and he vented to someone else…WE ALL DO IT. I just think that everyone is being a little harsh, and you know what his lawyer was right he has no one on his side… but its more than that i really dont think there should be “sides” its the plain fact that EVERYONE IS AGAINST HIM. Hopefully there are certain groups that will step into this case before the appeals are delt with. I don’t know I just think the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion.


  5. I can’t believe you guys took this much time out of your lives to yell at each other.The facts are:1. He made a threat of terrorism2. He conveyed the threat to another personHe admited to the police in a video taped interview that he wrote the chat log to the girl in Idaho.Intent to carry out the threat, ability to carry out the threat and motive are not needed to convict him of making the threat.However, in the jury trial the prosecution chose to show intent, ability and motive. This proved to the jury, who I spoke with after the verdict, he was a threat to society and not a kid running his mouth.ToppDogg


  6. So MKC what would you have suggested? Give him a slap on the wrist so he can re-enter society again even though he poses a dnagerous threat so he can carry out his attack? Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were on a form of probation when they carried out Columbine. Kids like this need to be removed from society.


  7. presuming that ToppDogg is who he says he is…Now we have someone who knows this case better than anyone.I love it when that happens :mrgreen:


  8. You guys from the south need to go and have yourself checked-in. Thats why you guys lost the war. Because you never know whats going on. If you guys can’t make fun of someone you wouldn’t know what to do with yourselves. Mr Q if I was you, I would watch what you say because OIC is the person he says he is. He might have been your OIC too. Have a nice day.


  9. i was on the jury and it took 6 hours becuase of the fact that this would be a big chunk of that kids life (him being in prison) and i actually felt like i was going to make a huge decision that would effect this guys life forever and u don’t want to make a decisoin like that without making sure that it was the right one.


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