Opening Testimony in Rocori High Shooting

Testimony begins in Rocori court case:

Yesterday testimony began in the trial of John Jason McLaughlin who is charged with shooting and killing two of his classmates, Seth Bartell and Aaron Rollins, at Rocori High School in Cold Spring Minnesota.

I can’t do the article justice so please read the entire article. Basically what it comes down to is the prosecution is saying that McLaughlin was teased to the breaking point about his acne and suffered from some kind of mental illness. In my opinion, the only mental disorder that he had is that he’s a psychopath. According to reports, he shot Seth Bartell once in the side then followed him up a flight of stairs then shot him once more through the forehead. Here’s a chilling quote about that…

Much of McGee’s testimony Tuesday was set against the backdrop of a projection screen that showed autopsy pictures and other images, including Bartell’s last school yearbook photo. In the picture, Bartell is wearing a hat that his mother said he talked school staff into letting him wear for the picture, something that normally would be prohibited under school rules, she said.

That was the kind of boy Seth was, she said: able to get his way with a dose of charm. The Bartells saw that hat again Tuesday, only this time it was in McGee’s hands. He used it to show a half-inch hole in the brim, the spot through which McLaughlin fired his final, fatal shot.

All because of acne. The thought processes of some these kids are downright frightening.

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