Rocori Testimony 7/7/05

‘Help me, I’m shot,’ Rocori student pleaded:

More testimony in the trial of John Jason McLaughlin who shot and killed two classmates at Rocori High in Cold Spring Minn. This article focuses mainly on Aaron Rollins who was not McLaughlin’s intended target…

It was gym teacher Mary Kelsey whose voice comforted Rocori High School senior Aaron Rollins as the life bled out of him in the school basement Sept. 24, 2003.

She could hardly bear to recall her frantic efforts to help Rollins and comfort the popular 17-year-old, whose shirt was soaked with blood and whose gaze was distant and fixed.

“I told (him) help was coming, just to hang in there. What a great kid he was,” Kelsey said as she broke into tears.

“I knew he was dying. I was telling him things I’d want my girls to hear … how much he was loved….”

Kelsey said she partially caught Rollins as he spun after being hit.

”He looked at me and said, ‘Help me, I’m hurt. Help me, I’m shot.’ ”

Kelsey laid him down on the basement floor, and Rollins tried to get up once before falling back. ”He never spoke to me again,” she said.

And he was not the intended target.

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