Faking Sanity

Psychiatrist in McLaughlin trial says movie claims exaggerated:

The expert witness for the defense in the John Jason McLaughlin insanity trial rebukes claims by the prosecution that McLaughlin is using movies to fake his mental illness…

Psychiatrist Maureen Hackett, who evaluated McLaughlin several times, said some of the allegations expert witness made last week – such as that McLaughlin took his cues from horror movies – were played up.

“His description of his experiences have been detailed enough to understand it was real to him. When he reported seeing these dead bodies, he didn’t say, `I see dead people,'” Hackett said, in reference to a well-known line from the movie “The Sixth Sense.”

That’s all well and good but how about the correlations to “A Dangerous Mind” and “The Simpsons”? And if I remember correctly no one claimed that he said, “I see dead people”.

This is my favorite part. Dr. Hackett claims that McLaughlin isn’t faking mental illness but mental wellness.

“He does not want people to think he is mentally ill,” she said. “I have seen him downplay his symptoms. As with other aspects of his life, he was afraid of being teased about it.”

Faking sanity. That’s a new one on me but I’m not buying it. Especially when another doctor has said that his “illness” has gotten better while being off meds.

Dr. Hackett also patted herself on the back by saying this…

Hackett said she has evaluated about 300 defendants in criminal cases.

I wonder how many of those were for the defense?

The best way this whole insanity phase of the trial can be summed up is by a comment I received earlier today…

“If McLaughlin is found to have been insane at the time of the shootings, he would be committed to a secure mental facility. If he is found not to have been insane, he will be sent to prison after sentencing. Klumpp (the prosecutor) has argued that McLaughlin is feigning mental illness to enable him to say at a security hospital, where he is able to play video games and order pizza.”

Who’d have figured? πŸ™„

Who indeed?

18 thoughts on “Faking Sanity”

  1. I cant till he is found guilty and of healthy mind… just to gloat at my good friends who seem to love this shit head so much 😈


  2. *Disclaimer: Above statement was farcical, neither meant nor intended to be taken seriously. Void where prohibited, in Canada, and on Tuesdays in months starting with J.


  3. Hallelujah!! Justice has prevailed! Thank you d for the link πŸ™‚ Sounds like 12.5 yrs for Aaron and 30 yrs for Seth… that is possible. Wonder when sentencing will be?

    Alyric… LOL πŸ™‚ I think it’s the first time I’ve smiled on here!!


  4. … oh, the quote that Trench showed about the video games &amp pizza is directly taken from a Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota, newspaper.


  5. d, I suppose that’s possible. Did you read that somewhere? Although an appeal has to be based on something not going correctly in a trial (I think), and he &amp parents &amp attorney did agree to let the judge decide, maybe he won’t get one? Either way, as long as he’s not lounging in the psych hospital ordering pizza, playing videos, and watching movies, it could take years!!


  6. WCCO news said that sentencing isn’t until August 30th. WCCO.com –they had the video of the breaking news story. “Top Stories”


  7. Must have d – everything I’ve heard/read says August 30th. And, of course, Eller IS going to appeal… at least he’s planning to appeal the state’s M’Naghten standard at the Minnesota Supreme Court. That’s the “law” that states something to the effect that to be declared “mentally impaired” for a crime you can’t know the difference between right &amp wrong. It’s Minnesota’s overly tough standard… I think it’s quite appropriate myself.


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