Marshfield trial not until Fall

Kerns, Nee trials won’t start until fall:

This just basically an article about the Marshfield incident that says that neither Toby Kerns or Joe Nee will be going to trial until the fall. What was interesting about this article was this…

Kerns was in Plymouth Juvenile Court last week where his attorney William McElligott argued the search warrant Marshfield Police procured to search Kerns’ home and computer was invalid because they obtained it based on information from three confidential informants who did not meet accepted court standards. Court documents have since revealed that Nee was one of those informants, as were two other Marshfield teens, Dan Farley and Joe Sullivan.

McElligott argued that police had no reason to believe the three teens since they had not proven themselves as reliable informants in the past.

Judge Louis Coffin said he would rule on the motion on September 12th. Hopefully, he will rule in favor of Kerns. To refresh yourself on the Marshfield case go here.

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