Jail for Juveniles

The other day I told you about the case of Eric Schorling. To recap he bragged to people he was going to stab his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Lambert. The day of the attack he showed his knife to a classmate. In the halls of Romeo High School in Romeo, Michigan he plunged the 8-inch blade into her back narrowly missing her heart. Afterward, he bragged to more people that he stabbed her. He reached a plea agreement with prosecutors then breached that plea when he escaped from the detention center.

Well, my main commenter Jim posted a comment that said: “I can’t wait to hear from the trolls who think this guy is nice somehow.” Well, Jim and everyone else wait no longer.

I received a tip that there are communities on the web actually supporting this scumbag. I’m not going to provide any links because these “people” aren’t worth it. They’re mostly groups that believe juveniles shouldn’t be incarcerated and that they need “help”. The basic themes that keep running through these groups are “What about Eric’s mental state? He needs help, not jail.” and “Well Nicole Lambert is no angel either.” Not only do you people have no class you should absolutely be ashamed of yourselves. I don’t care if Nicole Lambert sold heroin to first graders. What could she have possibly done that deserved having an 8-inch knife plunged into her back? Only by the grace of God was she not killed. Yet these people want to give Eric Schorling a hug and some milk and cookies and read him a bedtime story. This punk doesn’t need help. He needs to be put in a 3×5 concrete cell for the rest of his life. He is nothing more than a criminal undeserving of sympathy. He was old enough to realize the repercussion of his actions. Now it’s time for him to face up to his punishment.

14 thoughts on “Jail for Juveniles”

  1. Maybe a 2×4 cell with no room to do anything but stand up.Whatever.It doesn’t surprise me that this scum bucket has supporters. There are always those sheep who need a “leader” to follow.Sad but true.:???:


  2. Artist? Rust?Pfft. Listen and learn.First, you slip something in his water/drink-of-choice to knock him out for a few hours. Then, you drag him to a secluded spot – somewhere he’ll never be noticed, and can scream to his heart’s content without anyone hearing – where you have a waist-deep hole already dug. Fill it with wet concrete, then insert psycho. Keep him drugged until it dries. Leave water, but no food. Dehydration kills much more quickly than starvation, and we wouldn’t want that. Set up a video camera, change tapes and batteries regularly.Crazy? Me? Well, yeah, but… :mrgreen:


  3. ehhch :???:what is this ? amateur hour ?? :lol:OK, so we take the kid and bury him neck deep near a fire ant mound (if your not familiar… they can consume an adult cow in under 24 hours)You wont need to antagonize them much or even tempt them with food… but it will help to get the process going fasternow you want to watch because you only want him there long enough to lose a few layers of skin… that’s when you spray him down with some raid and dig him up again.next you tie his ankles together and around a tree stump and super glue a heavy gauge rope to his scalp. the other end of the rope should be tied securely to the bumper of your car. Since you’ll want to witness the carnage… I suggest you put the car in gear and let it idol away from him at its own pace.fuck the car… the look on his face will be worth it.Rinse his new hair cut with rubbing alcohol to ward off germs… we don’t want infection.I’m sure your aware that at this point our little friend will be begging for death. This would be the time to inform him that death is not an option. That’s when you pour hydrochloric acid on his finger tips, toes and dab some on his eyelids. if your smart enough to carry a bottle of vinegar you can stop the acid from burning his retinas so now he is forced to see everything else from this point on. :twisted:Now would be a good time to stop for about 24 hours as his body is probably at a complete shock state and wont feel much more painthe next day would be a good time to remove small body parts including (but not limited to) toes and penis. I suggest you bring a good cauterizing iron to stop blood flow. you could get a good five days out of this kind of torture if you pace it and keep him from losing too much blood. Other ideas for the torture include burning a cup (the measurement) of gun powder directly on one of his cheeks… hes got 4 pick anyone you like. stabbing him in none lethal locations with something long and narrow, I’d use a auto antenna. Feel free to leave it there too… this could always be used later for further forms of torture especially once if gets infected.I have more ideas but they are too sick for this site. 😈


  4. Pffft. You apparently aren’t particularly familiar with dehydration. It might not be as spectacular, but trust me, it’s one of the most agonizing ways a person can die.Here is some of what happens:The mouth dries out and becomes caked or coated with thick material.The lips become parched and cracked.The tongue swells, and sometimes cracks.The eyes recedes back into their orbits and the cheeks become hollow.The lining of the nose cracks and causes the nose to bleed.The skin hangs loose on the body and becomes dry and scaly.The urine becomes highly concentrated, leading to burning of the bladder.The lining of the stomach dries out and the sufferer experiences dry heaves and vomiting.The body temperature becomes very high.The brain cells dry out, causing convulsions.The respiratory tract dries out, and the thick secretions thatresult can plug the lungs and cause death.In addition, the person might suffer hallucinations as the brain begins to dry out.


  5. Oh, dehydration kills in about 3 days, starvation in 3 weeks. It varies from person to person, obviously, but those are good estimates.Thus, the reason for leaving water – just enough to keep him alive a few more days without worrying about him starving to death instead.


  6. If you hadn’t noticed I prefer my torture to be passive. Just set it up and let nature take its course – nature can be very cruel. :mrgreen:


  7. I can’t believe they can support him after all he’s done to Nicole! I’m a student at Romeo High and was there that day. I was just another girl getting pumped for Powder Puff! Until I walked past the library and seen the blood. My first thought was o no a fight… Then I passed the class she stumbled into and realized that Nicole was stabbed in the back. I don’t even think she really knew what happened at the time. She was out of school for almost an entire semester. And I know that it ruined her outlook on going to school! He’s admitted to trying to kill her and came very close if he would’ve pulled the knife out she would’ve bleed to death. He knew what he was doing and form what I’ve been told was abusive. Also he had time to think and was in complete control of what he was doing. But no one actually thought he would do it!!


  8. i actually knew eric, hung out with him, been in his house. and i had a french class with nicole….. she seemed like a very sweet person, though i don’t think i ever really talked to her. i was in math first hour when it happened. crazy stuff. like if you asked me at the time, i would have referred to him as my friend. im not a supporter of what he did, and i bought some ribbon donation thing to help pay for treatment for nicole. but idk, i guess i just never saw it coming. the last memory i have of him me and some friends were at his house, and we were teasing him about his beard, ironically calling him jesus.
    he showed no sign of being a psychopath then. idk who “girl is”, but i dont get how shes like “he had time to think and was in complete control of what he was doing. But no one actually thought he would do it!!” he wasnt exactly mr. popular, i didnt even know that he was dating nicole, much less that he wanted to kill her. and as far as anyone that would be close enough to him to get info like that, we didnt exactly hang out in a scene where saying things like “im gonna kill you, or “your f-ing dead” was uncommon, so im not surprised nobody was concerned.


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