Mitchell Johnson free

Jonesboro school shooter free:

The Other day I told you about Jonesboro shooter Mitchell Johnson was close to release. If you remember due to a now-closed loophole in Arkansas law Johnson can’t be held past his 21st birthday. Also before the shooting, Johnson was charged with molesting a little girl. If that wasn’t enough here’s the really scary part…

Johnson left the facility with a clean record. Because he was convicted as a minor, he no longer has a criminal record reflecting the shootings.

5 people dead, 11 injured, and a little girl that he molested and he gets to walk free. Not only free but free with a clean record. According to the article, that means he will legally be able to purchase a gun.

It probably won’t be long before he’s on the wrong side of the law again. I just hope he doesn’t have any more victims.

9 thoughts on “Mitchell Johnson free”

  1. But you’re still buying into the myth that bullying is the direct cause of school shootings and as usual it sounds like you’re excusing school shootings based on that rationale.


  2. don’t waste your time… unless you want to be starts off with a shooting, in what sounds like a school.You may want to delete that post… you don’t want your site promoting that song.


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