No Whammies


It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show…“GUESS THE CELEBRITY MUTANT”!!!

Can you guess which celebrity said this about Columbine in 2000 revealing themselves for the mutant that he or she is?

“Columbine is so touchy. As much sympathy as we give the Columbine shootings, nobody ever looked at it from the point of view of the kids who were bullied – I mean, they took their own life! And it was because they were pushed so far to the edge that they were so mad. I’ve been that mad!”

I’ll give you a hint. This celebrity has not seen one red cent of any of my money and it’s not Dave Matthews or Michael Moore.

The correct answer will be posted once it is correctly guessed.

Alyric got it right off the bat. The answer is Eminem.

41 thoughts on “No Whammies”

  1. Didnt Eminem do a bunch of stupid shit in order the take focus off Marylin Manson ? As I understood it he brought a lot of attention on himself to help keep limelight off Manson (who Harris and Kleblod were supposedly fans of).

    Besides being extreamly talented… if that story was true than Eminem is more a class act than your giving him credit for.


  2. maybe it had something to do with their wanna-be goth look… because MM did catch heat for the shooting. Like he loaded the guns for them. Eminem had some good lyrics about the subject…

    “They say music can alter moods and talk to you
    Well can it load a gun up for you and cock it too?
    Well if it can, and the next time you assault a dude
    Just tell the judge it was my fault, and I’ll get sued “


  3. it was marylin manson he said it about a year after the shootings at a reward ceremony
    oh and eric harris did dispise marylin manson but klebold liked him intensly.


  4. No jackass, that was lyrics from a Eminem song. “Sing for the Moment” from the album “The Eminem Show” to be precise


  5. no jim marylin said it, the question was who said about columbine in direct. and i do know eminem singedsing 4 the moment i have that album.


  6. Even though I was the kid who was bullied in school, I have to send Eminem a note about that because I cannot believe he actually spoke about the kids who pulled the damned trigger. That’s okay I am addressing Columbine in my book because they were still in grade school at the time I was in high school. Someone should tell Eninem they were too much of a pussy to duke it out.


  7. Despite, my utter distaste for Dork Soldeir… after his comment about MM actually saying those things, I tried to search the alleged comment and found nothing from either M&ampM or MM.
    I’m wondering now… where did Trench find this info ?


  8. got it…

    Once again… Trench is right :mrgreen:

    The whole thing is messed up. this quote…

    “I try to be nice,” Eminem says, “but there are times I have snapped and pulled guns out on them [fans]. It’s got to the point where people have tried to come to my house and they get a gun in their face every time. I’ll open the door,” Eminem explains, “and if I can shove the gun in their mouth, I’ll shove it in their mouth. And my gun is legal this year, so nobody better [mess] with me.”

    OK… that’s just fucked up and he lost a shitload of respect today… I’m on the “Fuck Eminem” bandwagon. I like his music, but I wont pay him a dime… Marshall Mathers has forced another person to steal his music.


  9. So let me get this straight, Jim. Since you don’t like what Eminem said, you’re going to steal his music so you can listen to it without paying him for it. I fear your moral compass is a bit out of whack. I support your right to disagree with him, but stealing his music doesn’t make things right All it does is make you a criminal.

    Incidentally, if you think for a second that Eminem is actually going to be hurt by your piracy then you’re sadly mistaken. The ones who will be the recipients of your rage and the victims of your crime will be the rank and file peons that he and the record company employ. He will always get his cut of whatever profits there are. Anyone who has spent any time working in a corporate environment knows exactly what I mean. All you are doing is sinking to his level. Congratulations on your A+ in hypocrisy.

    If you’re really serious with respect to your feelings about Eminem, then have the backbone and moral fiber to simply not listen to him at all. If you’re listening to his music, whether you actually paid for it or not, then you really aren’t protesting much.


  10. didn’t say I was, didn’t say I did, didn’t say I cared. All I said was I will just take what I want. I already paid for and own everything he recorded, so even if what you said was wrong, he made his money off me.
    But you are right about his money… and I’m not interested in your accusations at me.
    the difference between me and you is I’m not ashamed of my faults. I don’t like eminem as a person, this story just carved it in stone. but that doesn’t change his talent as a performer… if that makes me a hypocrite in your eyes … so be it. Your opinion of me is meaningless.
    The fact that I will resort to taking his music instead of paying for it is meaningless as well, because I have paid for all 11 of his recorded instalments, and the program I use to take music off the Internet happens to be a paid program… I just didn’t pay for it. Who did ? who knows !! I got their password and use their account and that’s the bottom line.

    I know I know, your gonna come back at me with some half assed witty remark about theft and blah fucking blah blah.

    Again I know that he gets paid whether or not I purchase his albums…and I don’t give a shit, what matters is someone somewhere does NOT get my money, and that person happened to be supporting the asshole.

    in the meantime, thanks for the note and have a good night 😆


  11. id have thought that elisha cuthbert would hav said it. or paris hilton, by the way does anyone
    else think paris hilton has a face like a horse?


  12. You are, of course, correct in stating who it would hurt, Shockwave, but the way you put it makes you sound like nothing more than an RIAA lapdog.



  13. I think that it’s pretty damn sad when someone expresses concern over the little guy getting screwed gets marginalized as a “corporate lap dog”. As someone who has seen first hand what theft does to the underpaid minions of a corporation, I think that your ignorant remarks are pathetic. I have watched my entire division (which included many of my friends) laid off because the company had to make up the losses somehow. But I’m glad that you can take delight in others’ misfortunes… go you. You must be so very proud.


  14. Trench…I guess that was directed at me ? :mrgreen:

    Alright… Let me explain further what I meant and what I said without being a mean dick.

    I know that illegal downloads do not effect the artist unless they are in a position like Metallica who pay for everything out of their own pockets. I know that the people effected by this theft are the (for a lack of a better term) bottom feeders of corporate America.
    Ethine and Shockwave are 100% correct… but (and this isn’t some kind of pathetic excuse) for what I’ve taken online… I’ve bought ten times more.
    Now-a-days I download 10 albums and purchase half of them to (at least) be slightly fair to the market.
    Before p2p and Newsgroups, I purchased and repurchased records, Cassettes and CDs when the market was happy to screw me with a 20 dollar LP. At about a buck a song… I was raped of my wallet by these people who are telling me how bad I am for p2p network membership. They TOOK millions from music fans and now have the balls to bitch when the fans begun to take back. then they took it out on the lower level employees with layoffs. I presently own over 160 DVDs, 300+ CDs, 50+ VHS tapes, 25 PS2 games, 30 PS1 games, dozens of comp software (including photoshop 7 and Acid pro 3 which cost me over $1000 between them), at least 40 cassettes and about 30 records. this is what I have in my possession at this very moment. I have owned (many lost in various ways) thousands of CDs alone.

    Its sucks and I feel bad for those people who ended up losing out. but if they were stuck at the bottom, and considered unimportant enough to be laid off when the CEO’s paycheck was dropped almost .0005% then maybe they should have been seeking new employment anyway.

    I pay 50 bucks a month for my Internet… I have purchased subscriptions to certain p2p networks that are legal, and my newsreader is paid for.

    saying that I am at all at fault for their layoffs is like saying I got people laid off at the post office because I don’t send much metered mail anymore… I only use my FREE gmail account. By the same respect… at $0.37 cents a letter and dozens of letters a week (call it 3 dozen to make math) that’s $13.32 a week, $57.72 a month and $692.64 a year…and I’ve been online for around 12 years, that’s $8311.68 that I did not give to the USPS because I found a way to do the same thing… faster and for free. So what about those little postal workers ? those poor peons who are now at risk of their job or already being laid off ? am I screwing them too ?

    Just want to point out… that’s at least 5 times more than I have taken in illegal downloads. Everyone online uses email, not even 10% of Internet users steal music and other forms of entertainment. (uh… that’s a made up statistic, but that don’t take away the validity)

    …And seriously, I’m not that loving of a guy to worry about how each individual American is doing from day to day. Pretty much all I care about is me and mine. We have hardships too and I personally don’t complain when somebody steals a ton of supplies off one of my job sites (and it happens a lot) and costs me a day’s pay. Shit happens and you move on.

    Sorry if I come across as a dick, but I do not take delight in others misfortunes. I just don’t weep for them either.


  15. Fair enough, I know Ethne’s comment was more directed (seemingly) at Alyric… But I do tend to attack commenters I don’t agree with and have in the past attacked friends of the site.


  16. Ethne, I wasn’t referring to his comments – just his tone. Note that I agreed with what he said.

    I agree that my tone was little better, but I tend to be defensive – it’s a fault of mine, just try to forgive me for it. 😉


  17. Oh and on that note, as Jim mentioned, maybe you should start holding high-ups in the corporations equally responsible. After all, it’s their decision to cut back on jobs to protect their own pocketbooks.

    Like Jim pointed out, in so many words – I don’t really think there’s a high moral ground for anybody here.


  18. Hey Jim, which P2P networks do you subscibe too? I like to use Shareaza, which is free and has no spyware, but it’s not paticularly good. Are the paid ones a little faster on the downloading?


  19. I dont commonly use p2p because of the problems that come with them. Napster was pretty good and fast enough for a paid site, there is another thing available at but I think thats a fake. Lastly… there is newsgroups. This is where I go and its the fastest. you pay for our newsgroup reader program and its relativly cheep compared to napster and shit.


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