Taber Shooter Escapes

Taber killer escapes custody:

I had almost forgotten about the Taber shooting. At the time I didn’t have a website as I had dismantled the original one in the wake of Columbine after receiving all the death threats and hate mail. Only 8 days after Columbine Todd Cameron Smith took a .22 caliber rifle to W.R. Myers High School in Taber, Alberta, Canada and shot and killed 17-year-old Jason Lang. Here’s a CNN article from around the time of the shooting. A judge originally ordered Smith held in closed custody for an indefinite period, so long as his time in jail didn’t exceed 10 years. However earlier this year he was released to a halfway house even though he still posed a threat to the public…

“The concerns remain with regard to the pleasure he derives from violence,” the Crown’s David Thompson quoted a psychiatric report as saying.

“He continues to pose a significant risk to the public.”

During the original trial, defense lawyers portrayed Smith as the victim of bullying only here’s the thing, his victim, Jason Lang, wasn’t a bully. According to Jason’s father, Rev. Dale Lang, Jason was against bullying

“Ironically, one of the things that’s so sad is that Jason didn’t like bullying, and often tried to befriend kids who were picked on,” Mr. Lang said. “He was a good kid, and we miss him.”

Rev. Lang has even gone so far as to forgive his son’s killer and has been active in anti-bullying campaigns.

Another report says that Jason Lang did charity work in Mexico building houses. Doesn’t sound like the bullying type to me.

So Todd Smith shot and killed someone who would have more than likely helped him while his alleged tormentors are probably free. Thanks to the myth that started in Columbine about the Columbine shooters being bullied shootings and shooting plots still occur to this day. Yes, bullying is a cancer in our school systems that needs to be addressed but if Columbine, Taber, Santee, Red Lake, and Rocori didn’t stop bullying neither will other school shootings. As I ‘ve said before these incidents have taken the focus away from bullying and put it on identifying would be shooters. So, in essence, it’s only made bullying worse. And like I’ve been saying for the past 6 years killing someone, especially someone who had nothing to do with the bullying in the first place is not an excuse nor a reason to kill people.

Anyway back to the point of the article. Todd Cameron Smith has escaped from his halfway house and has vowed not to be taken alive…

Todd Cameron Smith, now 20, fled protective custody at 3:30 a.m. Monday, leaving a note in his room at the Hinks Dellcrest Centre.

It read: “I can’t be caged anymore. If they find me, they’ll have to kill me. . . . Bye. Sorry.”

The fact that this kid was given such a light sentence puzzles me. He shot and killed a random victim and he was allowed to live in a halfway house? The kid should have been put away for life. Especially since one of the Canadian governments own psychiatrists stated that Smith still posed a threat to the public.

I pray for his capture and I pray that he doesn’t claim any more victims.

23 thoughts on “Taber Shooter Escapes”

  1. Okay. First of all I do not think Todd Smith should be in Jail for life. He was only 14 when he did what he did and he was under alot of stress. Try living your life getting rejected by people your whole life and no one to talk to. How can you say “This kid should be put away for life” when you don’t even know the whole story? I know the story and I was involved in what happened that day. I’m his best friend. I went through the exact same stuff Todd went through. Anyone who says that it’s not okay to shoot up a school but yet it’s okay to bully young weak people doesn’t have any commen sense at all. And the reason why he shot Jason Lang is because when he ran into Jason and the other two guys Jason was with is because they were so much bigger and he thought they were going to attack him. And I’m not trying to say that what he did was a good thing. I’m trying to say that all the bullying that Todd has been through had a psycological effect on his mind and caused him to do something which indeed was also a bad thing. We have so many people comitting suicide over the fact they got bullied so much. I have alot of sympathy for Todd and his family, and I also have alot of sympathy for Jason Lang and his family as well. But wouldn’t it help at all if we tried dealing with the cause of the school shootings? We should deal with the bullies in our society and see if that makes a difference in our society. People blamed Marilyn Manson and violent video games for the columbine shooting. Why? Because the two killers killed themselves. Everyone has to blame someone. However bullies are never blamed for anything they do. For those of you who bullied Todd Smith, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, I say shame on you all. I’ll tell you right now, they year after the shooting happened at my school, everything went back to how it was before the shooting happened. People are still into drugs, bullying other people, you name it. No one learned a darn thing from that shooting and that is sad.


  2. I’m not trying to say that being bullied is an excuse to kill. I agree with you there. But what I am trying to say is that it can have a mental effect on a person, turn them into a time bomb, and yet a murder or a suicide can take place. No I do not think that bullying is any reason to kill someone. And for that reason alone, we should be doing what we can as a community to stop the bullying. Even the psycologists said that the years of bullying turned Todd Smith into a time bomb. That’s why I think we should have the schools in our society deal with the bully situations as best as we possibly can. And with reguards to Harris and Klebold, well I wasn’t involved in the Columbine situation like I was in the Taber shooting. I guess I shouldn’t of commented on whether or not they were bullied. I can’t really say what caused the Columbine shooting. I just find it hard that someone would just go and kill people for no reason when nothing was done to them. I mean, if nothing was ever done to them, then what hate was there to drive them to do what they did.


  3. From what I have read Harris, Klebold and Smith were all bullied. In the case of Todd Smith it was severe yo the point where he was home schooled. Obviously what he did was wrong but as one of the posts says it can drive someone to commit an act they otherwise wouldnt. In most school shooting cases the kids were bullied and


  4. You’re wrong about Harris and Klebold. They were not bullied. That is a myth. And why did Todd Smith shoot someone who had nopthing to do with his bullying?


  5. The reason why Todd shot Jason is because they were both walking down two different hallways that merged into each other. As soon as they ran into each other, Todd got scared and thought Jason was going to attack him. Remember, Todd was very small for his age and Jason was a real big person who played football. Oh and you think that Harris and Klebold weren’t bullied? Why is it that during the Columbine shooting they shouted at people stuff like “We’re doing this because you made fun of us”. That sounds like bullying to me. It’s kinda funny that this shooting/bully delima continues 6 years after it happens. I don’t mind standing up for my friend Todd. The day the shooting in Taber happened, well his mother called me on the telephone at 11:00 that night and said that Todd was really sorry for what he did.


  6. Oh yeah, that’s a real good reason to shoot and kill someone. Because he thought he was going to be attacked. Did Jason Lang make any kind of verbal threat or any kind of threatening gestures? And he can be sorry all he wants, it’s still does’t change the fact that he killed Jason Lang. And as for Harris and Klebold so they were made fun of. Boo-hoo. So was I. So were a lot of people. But we didn’t end up killing people. Harris bullied amd threatened Brooks Brown. Klebold liked to bully a mentally handicapped kid but neither of those shot their tormentors. And if Harris and Klebold were bullied how come we don’t know the names of the alleged bullies? That’s because there weren’t any.


  7. First of all I don’t think Todd was gonna take any chances with someone twice the size of him. Plus Todd ended up right close to him. And why are you acting like you know everything about the situation? You weren’t even there. The reason why the media doesn’t mention the names of any of the bullies is because that’s not what the public wants to hear. The media is so biased it’s not even funny. To tell you the truth, I’m surprised you remember the Taber Shooting. Most americans didn’t even hear about it. Oh and sure Todd being sorry won’t change what he did, but I’d rather him being sorry later rather than being proud of what he did. Being sorry is the least he can do. Right? Oh and the fact you yourself said you were made fun of, well I have a feeling that you were only made fun of by the odd person. Not by everyone around you. Than again I don’t know your situation. But now that you think that Eric and Dylan had an easy life, what caused them to do what they did? I really wanna know. Cause obviously none of the school shooters in history (in your opinion) were bullied beyond what they could take. Oh yes. Todd had an easy life. He had a ton of friends, no one would harass him, he was a straight “A” student. His life was the shit man. But I guess he just got bored one day so he thought he’d go kill someone even though there was absolutely nothing to provoke him. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe any of what I’m saying. I’m just saying this for your benefit “Trench”.


  8. Oh and about when you said that Jason Lang didn’t make any threatening gestures towards Todd, well considering the fact Todd was a small 14 year old kid walking down the hallway with a gun, did you really expect him to be thinking straight at that particular time? I think that he was dillusional while he was doing the shooting. Even when full growen adults commit murder crimes they can’t think straight.


  9. It’s kinda funny that you call yourself Trench. Only people fascinated with the Columbine/Taber shooting would nickname yourselves “Trench”. You damn yankees in the U.S. think you know everything in the world.


  10. Too bad you weren’t in Taber when the shooting happened so you could understand the view from a non-biased point of view. Oh and by the way, when Todd ran away from his halfway house, he tried turning himself in twice. First he tried calling the halfway house however they don’t accept collect calls, then he tried dialing 911 and the person on the other end thought it was a prank phone call. So you think Todd’s that dangerous on the streets? Oh yes I’m sure he must have hurt alot of people on the streets of Toronto that day he escaped. Gee Todd must be a real terrorist.:roll: Considering the fact you know everything about this guy, do you think he’ll kill again? Oh and you forgot to answer my question as to why the taber/littleton shootings took place. We all know that neither of the 3 guys were abused and they had a happy life, so why not tell me why all this happened and what the main cause was?


  11. Harris and Klebold were two spoled suburban kids who had plenty of friends and I have yet to see any evidence of really bullying. In fact all the evidenece I’ve seen says otherwise. You really need to read this.

    And when someone says that they’re not going to be taken alive and have killed someone previously, that makes them dangerous.

    What were the main causes? Harris and Klebold were psycopaths. Todd Smith was the first person to buy into the bullying myth. He killed Jason Lang over a myth.


  12. Killed Jason over a myth? Jason was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. You saying that Jason was killed over a myth sounds like as if Todd wasn’t bullied at all. That’s bull shit. I saw people beat the shit out of Todd. Although I do have to admit, this conversation is rather quite entertaining.


  13. No, I am not saying that Todd Smith wasn’t bullied. What I am saying is that he probably got the idea from Columbine where it was incorrectly reported that Harris and Klebold killed people because they were bullied.


  14. Actually I have to agree with you there except for one thing. I believe that whether or not the Columbine shooting took place, the Taber shooting would’ve still took place. It would’ve just been delayed. Two months before the Columbine shooting, Todd’s been saying stuff like “I just wanna kill them all”. Columbine has nothing to do with why the Taber shooting took place, it just has everything to do with when it took place. Kinda funny cause one thing people didn’t realize is that Columbine took place on Hitlers birthday, and the Taber shooting took place on Saddam’s 62nd birthday. Go figure.:neutral:


  15. I know we’re just arguing semantics now but maybe if Columbine didn’t happen and didn’t receive the intense media coverage that it did maybe Todd Smith comes to his senses and never takes the gun to school.


  16. I have to agree with you. The news media over rates all that kind of stuff such as columbine and 9/11 and every other bad thing that happens in the U.S. I don’t even believe half the stuff the news media says.


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