That was quick

Dangerous offender back in custody:

The Taber school shooter, Todd Cameron Smith, was recaptured by Canadian authorities. What I find funny is under Canadian law he couldn’t be identified by the media because he was a juvenile when he killed Jason Lang and has been recaptured. But while he was loose they were able to use his name and picture. So why back to not identifying him? You can’t unring the bell.

Police took the extraordinary step of getting permission from a court to disclose the man’s name and release his photo in an effort to locate him. That order was automatically rescinded as soon as he was returned to custody.

In case anyone missed it his name is Todd Cameron Smith. Some Canadian citizens were not pleased with what happened.

Joseph Wamback, founder of the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation, said he was outraged such a violent convict was transferred out of a prison and to an open-custody facility located near several schoolyards and basketball courts.

“He is a convicted killer,” Wamback said.

“He has walked away from so-called supervised custody and he has left a note, saying that he will not be taken alive. We have placed the rights of scumbags and deviants ahead of the rights of innocent Canadians.”

I guess Canada is even worse than America when it comes to the killers having more rights than the victims.

One thought on “That was quick”

  1. I love this quote…”We have placed the rights of scumbags and deviants ahead of the rights of innocent Canadians.”words more true have never been spoken


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