Consecutive Sentences Sought for John Jason McLaughlin

Extended Sentence Sought For McLaughlin:

Prosecutors in the case of the Rocori High School shooter John Jason McLaughlin have requested that a judge sentence McLaughlin to two consecutive sentences. If you remember McLaughlin was found guilty of shooting and killing Seth Bartell and Aaron Rollins at Rocori High School in Minnesota. If the judge approves the request McLaughlin could be looking at more than 40 years. Only 40? I thought he was looking at a life sentence.

Anyway, sentencing is still scheduled for August 30th.

10 thoughts on “Consecutive Sentences Sought for John Jason McLaughlin”

  1. Yea! If he got 40 years, he would eventually be released into society as a completly usless man, well past his prime. He would probably commit another crime just to get thrown back in jail. I think giving him one or two life sentences would be doing him a favor.


  2. Too bad Minnesota doesn’t have the death penalty, save some tax dollars.
    I know…ship him to Texas where we have an express lane!


  3. I believe that if they stack the sentences as they are requesting, he would only come up for the possibility of parole in 40 years (instead of 30 yrs if they don’t) Unless I got this wrong (and it DOES happen sometimes), the first degree murder charge does carry a life sentence, but with the possibility of parole in 30 years.


  4. The first degree murder charge carries a manditory 30 years. The second degree
    murder charge carries a 12.5 year. They are asking that the second degree charge
    is doubled. Bringing it up to 25 years. I say 55 years would be a good long time
    I feel we will hear from Jason killing again. But at least this time is will
    be in prison. And not in a school.:!:


  5. You Jackals who always want the max in punishment for those who have committed a crime are always very quiet when you find out they didn’t do it or if there were extenuating circumstances that YOU didn’t know about.

    Did he do it? yes
    Did he really know what he was doing?
    And if he didn’t really know, does he really deserve the max punishment that you all want?

    Read the Psych report if you have the brains to understand it.


  6. I read the psych report genius. I wasn’t impressed. The judge obviously saw through it too since he found him guilty and not insane. And G-Man what would you say to the families of the victims?


  7. G Man, there are no extenuating circumstances and he’s 100% guilty. He knew damn well what he was doing. You missed the entire trial obviously. Read up on what the judge said–if YOU have the brains to comprehend what you read.


  8. Oh, how little you know, Jason (cute–you’re using his name). Get your grammar straight, first of all. It’s “couldn’t have” not “couldnt of”. Second, he didn’t even know one of the boys he shot and killed. Third, he wasn’t out to just take as many as he could, he had two specific people in mind, one of whom was absent that day!

    Be glad for freedom of speech, because I’d have your chicken shit little punk ass banned to the cornfield for eternity!


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