Insanity plea for James Lewerke

Lewerke enters insanity plea:

For those of you who don’t remember James Lewerke was the kid from Valparaiso High School in Indiana who slashed five of his classmates with a machete and a tree saw. Luckily none of the injuries were serious and no one died. As of now, he is being tried as an adult. However, defense attorneys have entered an insanity plea for Lewerke. You might think I’m going to jump all over the defense attorneys on this one but you’re wrong. I think that this time it’s more than likely a legitimate defense. The reason I think that is first off I’ve heard no real motive come out of this case. No excuses made by the defense or otherwise. No bullying. No rejections. No previous behavioral problems. The only thing I’ve heard so far is some rumblings that he allegedly heard “voices from God”. So I think for once we may have a legitimate case of insanity. I’m not saying that’s 100% true but with the facts that I have at hand, I don’t doubt it at this time. Also, defense attorneys are trying to get the case moved back to juvenile court.

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