Kim Bartell Addresses Shooter

Mother of Rocori victim calls for long prison term :

Families of the John Jason McLaughlin’s victims, Seth Bartell and Aaron Rollins, addressed McLaughlin today. Here are some quotes from the article…

Asked what he would do differently if he could relive Sept. 24, 2003, Rocori High School gunman John Jason McLaughlin said recently he’d simply get closer to one victim before he shot him.

But I guess he still would have shot him?

Kim Bartell’s voice rose in anger as she referred to the statement McLaughlin gave to corrections officials after his conviction in July in the deaths of her son, Seth Bartell, 14, and Aaron Rollins, 17.

McLaughlin has no remorse for what he did, she said. McLaughlin, she added “would have carried it out better, meaning to me he would have come out better. Not Aaron. Not Seth.”

And Aaron Rollin’s family…

Aaron Rollins’s mother, sister, and father also took the stand. At one point, Aaron’s father, Tom, held up a large family portrait taken before Aaron died.

“Jason handed us all a life sentence without parole, and he should get the same,” said Sherry Rollins, Aaron’s mother.

And some info about the sentencing…

At issue is whether McLaughlin will serve his sentences consecutively or concurrently, and whether Kirk will give him a harsher sentence for the second-degree conviction in Rollins’s death.

McLaughlin already faces life in prison on the first-degree conviction for Bartell’s death, though he can be considered for parole in 30 years.

Sentencing guidelines call for 12 1/2 years for the second-degree murder conviction.

Let’s hope the word of the day is consecutive.

36 thoughts on “Kim Bartell Addresses Shooter”

  1. Well, I hope that shuts everyone up who has been talking about McLaughlin as some sort of victim, here. Or maybe his multicolored trenchcoated friend told him to say those hideous things victims families? 😡


  2. Consecutive IS the word…:

    “Rocori shooter gets consecutive sentences
    Pioneer Press

    Rocori High School shooter Jason McLaughlin was sentenced in St. Cloud today to a life sentence and a 12-year prison term for killing two classmates in September 2003.

    McLaughlin, 17, must serve at least 30 years of the life sentence he received for first-degree murder of Seth Bartell, 14. He also must serve at least eight years of the 12-year sentence for the second-degree murder of Aaron Rollins, 17.”


  3. All of you wanting blood, and not seeing that you all form the society that creates people like McLaughlin. Nobody wants to ask the question “why do young people want to destroy themselves and others?”

    Problem with a lot of americans is that you are standing in shit and not understanding why the smell is so strange.


  4. Valdi, I’m afraid I don’t understand your comment. Could you please explain to me how coming down hard on criminals creates more crime? Your statment, if I’m reading it correctly, goes counter to every criminology class I’ve ever had.


  5. Valdi, what is it that we’re doing that’s creating people like McLaughlin? Why did he want to destroy himself &amp others?

    Maybe he could have used some good times with people like, oh, say, his parents? This little jerk (Mclaughlin) not only killed Seth, he proceeded to slander him afterwards. The little shit was only bullied in his own mind, not in real life. He was jealous, plain &amp simple.

    Do we feel bad because he won’t get the “help” he needs? Did he not reject 30 yrs in a psych ward in order to take this to court? He was offered “help” and he, his parents, and his lawyer refused it! And could he say anything to any of the parents, family, or friends of those he murdered? How about a simple “I’m sorry”? Nope. When asked if he would do it again if he could, he said he would do it better!

    Get your sniffer out there Valdi… ’tis you who’s in the deep shit! Words like responsibility, accountability, and conscientiousness are greatly lacking in “people like” McLaughlin.


  6. Valdi – Mr. Rollins made a good point when he said why didn’t McLaughlin have gun locks on all of his guns. The POLICE STATTION GIVES THEM AWAY FOR FREE. You would have thought David McLaughlin would have had extra just laying around. Kind of like his guns.


  7. Valdi – No one is blood thirsty — They just want to send their kids to school and be able to believe they will come home at night.

    I am glad you have never had to worry about this.


  8. rosebud… ^5

    It’s obvious that Valdi is just what we on AOHell used to call a SNERT… Snot Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager! 😈


  9. No no, I am not a teenager. But I am what some of you would call “a decadent european”.:razz:

    What I meant with my comment about the society creating murderers and unstable persons is described in this forum. Many of you see this boy as a terrible and evil person, and when you do you don’t ask why is it that a young boy takes a gun and shoots another in the face- It simply gets down to “evil” and “bad”. Many of you wants “justice” i.e. YOUR definition of justice like the chair og locking him away forever. But neither of you is any better than him. He was angry and he dealt with it his way – you (society) are angry and you deal with it your way. Harsh justice, and you all think you can do it because you are better than this McLaughlin. And what is worse – an “adult society” is imprisoning a KID so it can have the idea of justice.

    Another aspect is that USA having the strictest legalsystem in the western world with the hardest punishment. Still your crime rate is the highest in the world and you have more prisoners than anyone. Maybe you have to look inside yourselves and ask wheter your mob-mentality is doing anyone any good.

    (sorry for my strange english)


  10. look, u all have the idea that these shooters are crazy or “evil,” but you are not asking the question why?
    TYrench u have already kicked my ass off for my views, which i think is unfair , but anyway, its ur website,
    But imagine what kind of life these people have, imagine what could possibly drive them to commit such a horrific act, evil is not a gene, it is not passed down. evil is made. i admire eric and dylan because basically im a loser.
    I admit it. im a socially indept LOSER. I am alone, and let me tell u it feels pretty shitty being an outsider all the time. After a while u begin to wonder if u even have a point in living, Sometimes it feels like being dead would be better than than hauling your sorry ass through every stinkin day. Eric and dylan are heros ” to at least me anyway, i cant speak for others,” because i look at them as being guys like me, OUtcasts ANtisocial guys,
    They hated everyone, “like me sometimes,” and they were sick of the endless routines of every day, get up, go to school/work, have a super shit day, come home, spend the rest of the day dreading the same shit tomorrow, go to bed, wake up, another day of shit to deal with. i see what they did as a big screw u to everying and everything in the world that repressed them. suruly u guys must hav had days when u were in a super bad mood and pissed at everyone, Imagine that multipied by a million. then u ahve an idea. Im trying to get through how the shooter feels but i guess im not doin a good job. They dont care about other people, they are so caught up in their own hell, they want to lash out and cause pain to the people they see as the enemy.they just dont care anymore, its past the point of being suicidal, they dont car3e about dying, they are willing, they just want a bit of payback before they do it …and they love the fact that they are pissing off the entire population, thats exactly what they want. to annoy and upset as many people as possible. also they want to be ledgends, they want to go down in the history books as a pyscopath who killed mercylessy, they want the status of gods, also they want to have followers like eric and dylan , basically they want to he heros. to be loved and to piss off everyone…phew, thats nmy view anyway, i hope u show this trench cause everyone seems to think that these people are just born lunatics that are running around rabid, when really they are pretty normal people that have been hurt a lot by social structer and soicity:neutral:


  11. Angeldrughead, You sound just like Jason, blaming everything on someone else. When are you people going to start taking responsibility for your own life?? We all have shitty days. One of the shittiest days of my life was when we shut the life support off for Seth. Try watch your loved one die while you hold him an dhis parents hands.
    Maybe you are the one that needs to consider how others feel. If you did, maybe someone would let you in and you wouldn’t be so alone.


  12. im always considering how others feel, im tired of it, i always get the cold shoulder no matter what. after a while u begin not to care what others feel cus they dont care about you.
    you cant keep being senestive all the time because you just keep getting hurt. You have to toughen up and becaome a “Hardass” 😡
    Thats why u have so many mutants around being so insulting, they have all become “hardasses” and no longer care 4other people and openly hail their heros in the knowledge that they are peeing u guys off.
    Thats what i think anyway. sorry about your loss, it must have been terrible but everyone has horrific experiences. seeing as we are exachinging war stories, i was a kid when a cow attacked my terrier and stomped on it, it was the worst sounds i have every heard in my life as i held him running back through the fields. blood was everywhere and he was crushed. that was fuckin tramitic. i must have been 8. try holdin that guilt around with u knowin u wrere responsible for the pure agony that one of the closest things in your life went through.
    id like to tell a joke to lighten the mood after that, but all i know are dirty jokes and i dont want to go back to that dam cornfield:wink:


  13. Hero: A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has RISKED OR SACRIFICED HIS OR HER LIFE: soldiers and nurses who were heroes in an unpopular war. (Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)

    Basically, drughead, a hero is someone who experiences everything shitty in life, and still overcomes these obsticals to GIVE to others. They find a way to be great and good.

    Infamous: 1)Having an exceedingly bad reputation notorious.
    2)Causing or deserving infamy heinous: an infamous deed.
    Law) Punishable by severe measures, such as death, long imprisonment, or loss of civil rights. Convicted of a crime, such as treason or felony, that carries such a punishment. (source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)

    In other words: Eric and Dylan. Welcome to reality.


  14. no kungfunurse, i disagree.:cool:
    first it DID take courage and THEY DID have a nobility of purpose. even if it was to stick to the plan and not chicken out and stop killin. u have to admit it took guts.

    SECOND, RISKED OR SCARFICED HIS OR HER LIFE, …aaam…yep, they did that.:???: they scarficed themselves:???:

    THIRD soilders or nurses in an unpopular war, aaaam….dosnt fit exactly, granted, but the idea is there,they attacked in a millitary style and it was kinda like a warzone, and hell, columbine is an unpopular touchy subject, or “war”.
    your second paragraph, this is logic from your side of the fence, from our side of the fence, this looks like a nice happy nursary ryame. and means nothing….sorry. when your in a desperate mindset, others goodwill, happyness andother stuff like that dosent really matter.

    and finally your last paragraph, they are all of these things,
    thats why they have so many follewers, because normal people despise them,therefor outscasts love them, looking foward to debating you further,:smile:

    trench can i tell a joke about a hooker and a drug dealer, PLEASE its deaadly:grin:


  15. Angeldrughead, I know how it feels to be an outsider. High school was hell for me, but you’ll get through. Trust me, it’s four year of your life, a blip on the radar screen. Then your off into the real world, where cliques don’t draw battle lines in the cafeteria, and where everyone’s grown up a little. Trust me, the majority of kids in high school are pricks. I know it hurts to be isolated, but it’s temporary. Try talking to the other outsiders in your school, maybe tell them that drug dealer and hooker joke. Remember, there are millions of us out there, “outcasts”. You’re not alone, not matter how much you feel that way.


  16. trench, i respect your opinion, but are you banning me merely because you dont like my opinion?
    if so thats not fair. everyone has the right to free speach. simply ignoring me and others because u disagree with them is a little unfair.
    morpheus thanks 4the pep talk, it was a little over the top, im not a total whiny little bitch u know.
    how about a clean joke with a rooster and a farmer involved, :mrgreen::mrgreen:trenchy?…pplleeaassee.


  17. No, I’m banning you like I do with all other Harris and Klebold worshipping mutants. I’ll give you the quick lesson. Harris and Klebold being bullied was a myth. In fact they were bullies themselves. Read this. I and many others were outcasts and harrassed in school but we didn’t kill anyone over it. Did you also know that some people posting in this thread are from Seth Bartell’s family? The main victim of the Rocori High shooting. WHat do you have to say to them? Choose your words wisely because they’ll probably be the last ones you post here.


  18. Trench – You have to take everything people say with a grain of salt. Because they have no idea what they are talking about. And the sad thing is they never will. They were not there. Jason does not feel anything for anyone, except his mother. Sad, don’t you think. How does a person get like that.


  19. It’s sad how we are raising our children to be “PC”
    they have their own “rights”, their feelings are never wrong
    they are only “expressing their individuality”, now it has become “normal” to hear about children, teens and young adults resorting to violence to “fix” their “problems” what a bunch of crap!! if these kids were held accountable for their own actions from the time they were little, we would not be having these problems in society!! And look at previous comments on this page and you will see people trying to excuse away these horific actions of these young people!! when will we as a society realize that our feel- good mentality is nothing but a bunch of crap- and when will people stop trying to excuse the actions of scumbags like Jason M.?? how can people be so quick to jump on the bandwagon that Jason was the victim in all of this? how can one kid who obviously will not take accountability for his own actions


  20. (cont.)get so many people to believe his crap?? I’m so glad
    the judge saw thru all of the crap that was getting thrown around that courtroom and saw the truth of who Jason
    really is, not some innocent little “victim” but a
    cold-blooded killer who had no remorse for what he had done
    He actually had the odasity to comment he would do it
    all agian, only better this time! that is one little puke I am so glad is off the streets for a long time!!! How he
    has affected these families is heartbreaking. I can only hope and pray that we can finally start healing, and I pray that Aaron and Seth’s siblings can start to heal and be
    able to finally talk about their brothers with good memories and not the memories they walked out with that day in school, the day that their brothers did not come home with them.


  21. People get like Jason( not feeling things for others ony his Mother) because his Mother is the one who found excuses for him. She fought the accountability for him his whole life. She covered for him only this last time she couldn’t do it well enough….things catch up with you….Rosebud, I know you’ve heard this before……”what goes around, comes around.” There is much more coming for Jason when he dies and goes to hell.
    I honestly don’t know how Seths’ brother,sister, Mom and Dad do it everyday. I think about you guys and Seth every single day.


  22. I am so very tired of those people who continue to insist that Jason was “bullied”. In his own words, initially, he used the word “teased”….they are hardly the same thing. Those people who stated in other postings that Seth did bully him never came forward to testify on his behalf, though, did they? The only people who testified at all about it said it didn’t happen to Jason any more than to any other kid in school. I doubt there’s a student alive who wasn’t teased about something, (or didn’t tease someone else) at some point or another. Sure, it hurts, but you deal with it in other ways than by killing the person who said something hurtful.

    Jason and his family TURNED DOWN the possibility of going to a psychiatric facility, when it was offered to them (with the full knowledge and concurrence of the Bartell and Rollins families. The only reason it was turned down was because they thought they could fool the only person they had to….the judge. Thank God that he wasn’t taken in by it all. When are some people going to remember that compassion was shown to Jason and his family ….. if only they had had sense enough to take the offer. So, I’m sorry, but Mrs. McLaughlin shouldn’t be complaining that Jason won’t get the “help” he needs….it’s nobody’s fault but their own that he won’t. Maybe if those who defend him would try to put themselves in the place of the Bartells or the Rollins, they would have a different attitude about the punishment that has been meted out….the JUST punishment.

    May God help all those so deeply affected by this horrific tragedy find the strength to go on with their lives and to one day be able to find that they are smiling at the memories that come to mind of Seth and Aaron. Those families have exhibited far more strength than I ever could, if I lost one of my children or grandchildren in such a senseless manner.


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