McLaughlin gets consecutive sentences

Rocori shooter gets consecutive sentences: (Log in info)

From the article…

Rocori High School shooter Jason McLaughlin was sentenced in St. Cloud today to a life sentence and a 12-year prison term for killing two classmates in September 2003.

McLaughlin, 17, must serve at least 30 years of the life sentence he received for the first-degree murder of Seth Bartell, 14. He also must serve at least eight years of the 12-year sentence for the second-degree murder of Aaron Rollins, 17.

38 years minimum. For those of you who think that’s too harsh for a 17-year-old just remember, Seth Bartell and Aaron Rollins were given death sentences and they committed no crime.

39 thoughts on “McLaughlin gets consecutive sentences”

  1. I hope he was a virgin, because knowing that the closest thing he’ll have to sex wont be hetero till he is 55 makes me happy 😈


  2. I am a ROCORI grad and I think Mclauglin got what he deserves. He not only destroyed two families, but also the ROCORI community. The school will never be the same.


  3. I work with a relative of one of your neighborhood kids.

    He told me that the teasing went way over the line and that he (the kid) is close to suicide because he feels that the things being said about Jason is wrong.

    I’m just an outsider looking at a train wreck and shaking my head in pity.

    And I’m in Arizona, your thirst for revenge touches many.


  4. …and what things would that be ? that he killed two people and deserves the punishment that the judge bestowed upon him ? or how about that he is being reported to not having any remorse over his actions and that he said that he should have been closer for one particular shot ?

    is this what makes your co-workers relative sad and (verbally) suicidal ?

    We don’t have a thirst for revenge, we desire justice and it has been served.

    people disgust me πŸ‘Ώ


  5. D — In the minds of the public this will always have been about teasing. Jason and his lawyer made sure of that. The public needs a reason for this to happen. So … they blame the victim. Jason wanted to look better in adult eyes and in the eyes of his parents. Who can not or will not see the truth. Mrs. McLaughlin got on the stand and blamed everyone. From the schoold district, to the judge for not being fair, to kids not wanting to stand up and say their was teasing… But not making her child take responsiblity for anything. She stated that they did not want to put the kids threw the trial and having to say what they knew..If that were really true, why didn’t they take the plea that would have sent Jason to a state mental facility so that he could get the help that she thinks he needs.

    I don’t get it. There should be no sympathy for someone who states he would do this again if given a chance. I know you agree.

    I believe Seth was murdered for who he was. This saying fits for this one… We hate what we most want to be like.

    Seth and Aaron are greatly missed. And all of the people who stick up for them and cases like this should be thanked.


  6. I believe Seth was murdered for who he was. This saying fits for this one… We hate what we most want to be like.

    Sad… but so true.

    We also hate what we dont understand and what is different from us … isnt it grand to be human ? πŸ˜•


  7. Jim, so true…

    GMan, why is it people like you pop on these boards and never reply back? I’m curious, what is this../ “He told me that the teasing went way over the line and that he (the kid) is close to suicide because he feels that the things being said about Jason is wrong” ?? What is being said about Jason that is wrong? Has this child been teased and isn’t telling anyone? Have you told his parents or any adults that he’s thinking suicide? geez, man


  8. Sue, people like Gman are just out to pick arguments online. They have no lives and enjoy pissing off people and surfing away because they cant find anything better to do with their time.
    Sad thing is, most of them are adults who picked up this habit back when AOL was the only decent Internet provider and there was nothing else to do but sit in chat rooms.

    28.8k ring a bell to anyone πŸ˜†

    they would jump into a chat room with a heavy metal subject header and type in all caps “2PAC RULES !!” over and over and over again. They would tell people about how they are going to fight them and give them virus’ so on and so forth… beginning to sound like some of our more common trolls ? That’s how they do, and its nothing more than an annoyance… esp when the site owner has a kill filter :mrgreen:


  9. egads.. I’m still on 56k and am on AOHell! 😳 Someday DSL will come to my house/work!! (any suggestions?) I know what you mean though, and I’m learning more &amp more about trolls :mrgreen:

    All hail the site owner (Trench) for the kill filter!


  10. Im on DSL and refuse to work on dialup. But if you hate 56k… be happy you were never up at 28.8k. I had a heart attack everytime I encountered a web site with a photo. if you think page loading sucks… cut your speed in half πŸ˜†


  11. yeah ?? well I used to have a comp that ran on 16 megs of ram and had a 80 meg hd.

    that doesnt bring back memory at all πŸ˜†

    I know, I suck πŸ˜†


  12. Jim’s an active member of all your sites? Hell, I can’t even keep track of all your sites!! Just found that orange one with the eye of elmo… sick!! πŸ˜†


  13. lol, if you go up to the top of the page. depending on your browser there is a box, just to the right of post #1, titled “Trench Syndicate”… thats everything except this blog :mrgreen:


  14. anyways… If that kid gets out at 55, he will be without job experience, life experience, and useless to society. They should have just done him and the rest of the nation a favor by taking denying parole or giving him death.


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