Erin sent me a link to a LiveJournal entry from one of these pedophile scumbags. Apparently, this is allowable under LiveJournal’s Terms of Service. I’m putting this behind the cut because it is very graphic and very disturbing…

I had sex with my daughter last night. I caught her playing with herself, and I just couldn’t resist. I fingered her for what seemed like forever, but the good kind of forever, the kind of forever where you have a naked little girl on your lap. Then I slowly slipped my penis into her, I could tell that it hurt her at first, but then she seemed to get used to it. I’d forgotten what it was like being with a virgin. She came pretty quickly, and I came right after her, I was having a hard enough time holding it knowing that I was in her. She feel asleep on my chest, and only woke up when our mom came in. She got real scared, but I held her and mom took off her robe and slipped into bed with us. Sharing a bed with the two women I love most in my life was wonderful. Mom and I decided that she should sleep with us, which means I get to sleep with both of them, without having to spend the night alone from now on. All I have to say is ROCK!

This is what LiveJournal deems acceptable. If this is acceptable I hate to see what they find objectionable.

Again to contact LJ’s parent company Six Apart you contact them at

23 thoughts on “Allowable”

  1. This is just wrong. These people need to be in jail. I will be contacting several people I know to see what I can do to make this happen but I fear they can do nothing.

    Hopefully something will come of it.


  2. Honestly, this is disgusting. If I knew how, I would program a virus and cripple LJ’s mainframe.

    Time to do a little research….:twisted:


  3. All the entries on that particular LJ went poof.

    Who can a person contact if the companies in question won’t investigate? Has there been a list compiled somewhere? Would this fall under state or federal laws? If there is a list, I’ll link it on my blog and website for everyone to reference, and do a fair share of reporting myself.

    It makes me physically ill to think that somewhere out there a little girl is suffering the consequences of her father’s twisted needs. I hope he dies a slow, painful, horrible death.

    I want to help make a difference, but don’t know where to begin.


  4. I thought about the possible solution to this problem after I got over my shock and feeling very ill.

    My daughter says this stuff should be sent to Bill O’Reilly. Yea, I know. She also said whether you like him or not he will make a noise about this situation.

    The other thought I had was National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They are beginning to work with law enforcement to catch pedophiles on the internet. I don’t have a problem emailing O’Reilly the info. I did not want to step on any toes here as it is your blog. Email me if you want me to send the info to O’Reilly.


  5. If this freak’s name and address can be found, his post is enough probable cause to get an investigation started on him. It could be both state and federal. I believe even a written description of child sex is illegal under current federal obsenity laws. A federal charge will only get him 15 years at the most, but a state charge would depend on what state he is in. Washington would probably give him 90 days on work release. Texas might give him 100 years.


  6. The British Internet Watch Foundation is aware of what we’re finding, as are American authorities. Looks like everyone who has commented to this point might appreciate knowing that.


  7. Information also has been sent to producers of various shows at Fox News as well as Bill O’Reilly. Anyone who has media contacts reading this, please consider getting this information to them. Like my wife said, light doesn’t kill the cockroaches, it just lets you see them so they can be stomped.


  8. This is great news. I wonder if anyone can find out this guy’s ISP. I think the ISP would pull his plug in a heartbeat.


  9. Great news, Steve, and great work. Keep the ball rolling! :mrgreen:

    I’m tired tonight, but tomorrow I’m going to write a generic letter. I’m considering sending it to Six Apart and both of their investors, August Capital and Neoteny Co., Ltd., simultaneously. If Six Apart won’t do anything on their own, maybe their investors will put pressure on them.


  10. Izzat so, Skeptic? Funny how sure you are, and short-sighted, since Trench linked the fucker in the next entry up. That’s okay, his name is “Jason,” he’s 25. From the ljincest Livejournal community he joined in late July —

    Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
    8:44 am
    I’m Jason, I’m 25, and I’ve been involved with my mom since I was 13. We started after she told me that my father was her first cousin that gave me the courage to approach her. We have two kids, our daughter is ten, and our son is five. They don’t know I’m their father, yet. I love my mother very much, and she never used her power as a parent to force me to do anything sexual. Just wanted to introduce myself to the community.


  11. WOW. I just checked out that link and a few other posts. I feel like lighting my computer on fire and sticking forks in my eyes.


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