Livejournal Responds

I received a response from Livejournal about my complaint that they host blogs run by pedophiles. Let’s just say I’m less than pleased…

Dear LiveJournal User thetrenchcoat,

In order to investigate this matter, we will need for you to go to and follow the procedure described in In particular, we will need specific links to the items you believe to be in violation of the Terms of Service. A brief summary of a situation, link to an entire community, or a cut and paste of some of the content in question, is not enough for us to begin an investigation.

Please be advised that we are unable to take action against users for admitting that they have committed illegal activities; it is not illegal to discuss illegal actions. We can only take action if users are actively encouraging others to commit such actions, or if they are soliciting or providing information on how to do so.

LiveJournal Abuse Team

How’s that for a non-answer? Anyway, I sent them the link to the journal entry I quoted before so we’ll wait and see.

Now that I think about it Livejournal is owned by Six Apart. The same people who brought you Movable Type and Type Pad. So if I have to go directly to Ben and Mena Trott I will.

3 thoughts on “Livejournal Responds”

  1. Yahoo received complaints for years about the activity that took place in their chat rooms and groups. They always swept it under the rug with pretty much the same type of BS. A few months ago they shut down their user created chat rooms when someone finally had enough and contacted their 3 largest advertisers. They simply included screen shots of the pedophile chat rooms and the content when their advertisement was up. Needless to say, they were more than a little pissed! So they told Yahoo you block our ads from being associated with those chat rooms or we take our business else where. Well Yahoo wasn’t able to control where the ads appeared and where they didn’t so they had to close down their user created chat rooms or loose some big bucks. Now I don’t know if LJ has ads, I’m still a little new at this, but if they do you may want to give a thought to contacting the advertisers and ask them how they like being tied to pedophiles. I bet that they won’t be real thrilled!


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