Hearing Scheduled on Columbine Tapes

And now back to our regularly scheduled insanity…

Court To Hear Arguments On Columbine Killers’ Tapes, Diaries:

The court battle continues to make videotapes, audiotapes, and writings by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris public. Of course, the parents of Harris and Klebold are fighting to keep these things from being released…

Wayne and Katherine Harris and Thomas and Susan Klebold argue the items are privately owned and not subject to the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act, under which a judge can consider whether to release certain documents.

“We don’t think that the government should be able to turn a citizen’s personal writings or videotapes into a public record and be able to hand it out to the media just because they seized it under a search warrant,” said Gregg Kay, a lawyer for the Klebolds.

It stopped being private property once your kids decided to kill 13 people, then it became evidence.

Jefferson County Sheriffs also are fighting to keep these sealed. I wonder what they are hiding.

Colorado’s Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments on September 13th.

12 thoughts on “Hearing Scheduled on Columbine Tapes”

  1. The only reason I can think of to seal them is to keep the mutants from having access to them and claiming some sort of “devine message” in the writings of those two morons. Of course the sheriff’s dept. might be trying to hide something like they had knowledge of the two and that they might try something? Oh, wait, didn’t I read that they DID have knowledge of the two morons, and that the might be planning something? Of course the parents (and I use that term loosely) just don’t want anyone to know just how depraved their “little angels” were.


  2. Seal them, burn them, destroy them for good. They aren’t mementos, nor will having them in existence anymore do anyone any good. Get rid of them and let Littleton, along with the rest of the country, move on.

    Just my opinion…


  3. I disagree Sue. I think parents should see the tapes as a lesson as in “this might be what your kids are up to so stop being jackasses and be parents” kind of lesson.


  4. I think any parent in their sound mind, if they would find anything even similar to any tapes or writings that I can imagine these boys did, would know immediately that something was horribly wrong. But, like you said, Trench, the ones who are the jackasses probably need a good “slap in the face” with something like these tapes.

    I will most likely not look at them myself. My daughter &amp a couple friends accidentally met these two assclowns exactly one month before the Columbine terror at Columbine High School. They were there for a drumline competition. Watching her as we watched it all unfold that day was enough for me.


  5. Welcome to those mutants coming from the _columbine community from LiveJournal. Just like your cowardly heroes you’re hiding behind a locked entry. What’s a matter? You scared?


  6. i am speaking as a ‘member’ of the live journal community, i do
    not condone what these boys did, but i am interested in the
    subject simply. and the members of the community have no ‘ability’ to chang that its behind a locked entry, if i was a mod, i would make it public
    but that is me, and i am not a mod.
    sue, i am so sorry that you were affected by this personally and if i could i would hug you.


  7. I’m not real big on hugs, but thanks anyway. I wasn’t really affected personally, just don’t want to watch the videos. As for my daughter, she’s moved on, moved up… and moved out!! 😀


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