More Harm Than Good?

In the wake of my campaign to rid the internet of pedophile blogs, I received an e-mail from Mike Schuler. He stated that he has a friend who is an agent with the FBI who says not to post the links to the sites and do not report them to the webhosts. Instead, report them to the FBI. Or you can send them to Mike at mike2(at) and he will forward them to the FBI agent.

In light of this development, I pulled the post where I showed the links to those blogs and forums.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Like I said previously if you find any of these sites please report them to Mike or the FBI.

4 thoughts on “More Harm Than Good?”

  1. I hate to say “don’t get involved” and my words to follow are not that exactly… so bear with me here.

    If you have a medium to send to that will forward to the FBI… by all means.
    But I can tell you from experience DO NOT send the FBI files, URLS or anything that is really hard to find and severely illegal.
    Reason being is they once you find something like that and you send to them they contact you on a regular basis and expect you to help more. In my case, I found a porn site that not only talked about child porn but showed it … graphically. I got scared and sent my entire cookie and temp Internet folder to the FBI because I knew that every image on the site was saved to one or both of those folders.
    I got upset when they started calling me for more information like I was trolling the web for that shit.


    unless you have lots of time


  2. (TIP) Targeting Internet Pedophiles

    If you followed the Groene case at all you know that suspect Joseph Duncan maintained a significant web presence. Make no mistake, there is a serious problem with many individuals just like Duncan using the Internet to further their predatory


  3. I know, but the FBI was worse (for me) than the sites I happened upon… and they (the sites) scared the fuck out of me. I don’t know what you have seen in this field of horror, but when I said I saw graphic child porn… I wasn’t talking about a 6 month old infant in the sink taking a cute bath with a bubble hairdo.
    That’s what led me to turn those things in, that and the fear that I could (or would) be associated with that awful shit.

    …and what did I get for being a good little citizen ?

    I get berated and hassled by the FBI. I stopped answering my phone, because changing it didn’t seem like a realistic option (like they couldn’t get the new one… I didn’t give them the original number, my name, etc) and in a final act of desperation I completely destroyed my HD, cancelled my access to the Internet and closed my email addresses.
    I avoided Internet porn since then … the video rental store has plenty 😆



    That’s why I put a link on the TIP page on my site. You don’t have to go to the FBI yourself. You can send to myself or any of these bloggers, and it will still get there.

    I fully understand the distrust of the government. Just today, I linked to a U.S. Justice Department report written in 1997 about sex offender registration and community notification laws. The USJD uses tracking software to investigate anybody that visits their websit. Within a couple of hours, the report was removed from the Internet. So then I just linked to the Google cached version. Yes, our government is fucked. But we still have the power to make them do whatever we want them to do. We’re going after freaks of nature that want to have sex with children. After so many years of life, you will find out, that our government is made of people. And when you get to be my age, you’ll understand why government people in their mid 50’s tend to brush aside anybody from a younger generation. I remember when the catch phrase was “Don’t trust anybody over 30.”

    Now I’m at the age where government people take me seriously. And when it comes to pedophiles, there is no reason for me to not take advantage of the fact that I own a high profile business, pay a lot of taxes, and know people in high places.

    Just send me the URL’s, names, addresses, phone numbers, or anything you have. I’m the medium.


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