Oversimplified Theory

I have a theory and as usual, it’s oversimplified.

Eric Harris referred to himself as “Reb” which was short for Rebel. Now I couldn’t find anything in the web to suggest why he picked that as his alias. I’m sure the multitudes of mutants will let me know if there is a reason. Anyway, Columbine High School’s sports teams are called The Rebels. So my question is this. Why would Eric Harris name himself after something he hated so much since he allegedly hated the school and the jocks? Therein lies the problem. I don’t think he hated the school or the jocks. Like I said before I don’t think Eric Harris hated the jocks because he was allegedly bullied by them, which he wasn’t, I think it’s because he was jealous of them. He wanted to be them so bad it hurt and when they wouldn’t accept him he snapped. Outside of being a psychopath and a coward this also makes him nothing more than a jock sniffer.

23 thoughts on “Oversimplified Theory”

  1. This would make sense, since his brother was a jock, so he would have first-hand knowledge of all the benefits jocks received. Though I don’t know I would use the word “jock sniffer”, and if this was so, why did he constantly where trenchcoats to school?


  2. Its the cum guzzling guy again πŸ˜†

    I love those people who come on with an opinion and a idea of what is fact (in there simple minded worlds) and yet they cant even be honest about their names, email addresses and/or locations.

    to top it off they think that the owner of this site doesn’t check. πŸ˜†


  3. I don’t blame “extemism” in the teens for the massacre but a subconcious republicanism fed to them from every aspect of society, they were filling a need for the illuminati elite. Same with the school shooting done by the 12 year olds in camoflauge a year prior to colombine, which is more obviously so. If they felt so distraught over High School, and its dramas, why, and you never offered this solution, did they go? Why didn’t they just stop going to school? Because subconsciously, they were recruited soldiers carrying out a new world order, the order that has infiltrated every aspect of society. The massacre was an indirect pro-action to the “meme” of slavery, devolution, and product loyalty. I view these zombies not as rebels, no “teen” could ever be one.


  4. No Trench, hold on… He’s got something here.

    The republicans (esp President Bush) are controlling the minds of the youth with a great machine that was originally invented by Thomas Jefferson (the most evil man in history.)
    This Machine can control multitudes of things including (but not limited to) Mind Control, The Weather and Those wolverine,bunny,humans that Alyric spoke of many moons ago.
    Its with this machine that Bush was able to cause Hurricane Katrina, turn the world against Saddam Hussein, cause the red lake , columbine, and other school shootings and cause the great flood of Noah’s time.
    This Machine MUST be taken out of the hands of the republicans because as long as they have it people will feel angry and want to defend themselves. Kids will hate high school and Solders will love to kill. Christan’s will rule the world and black people will revert to slavery… all this because Pres. Bush is a greedy mastermind with a button under his thumb.

    I think its important to note:
    If the Democrats get this machine, men will dance together under rainbows of happiness. There wont be any crime, because everyone will be to busy getting a hummer. and all the kids everywhere will love school and bunny’s and happy thoughts and rubbing themselves on children and… uh… nevermind



  5. I used to admire this forum, now i’m having doubts. I think that people judge too quickly , and what needs to be done is realized and understand the events that lead to this catastrophy, otherwise history will repeat itself. over and over again, until we wake up and realize what we are doing wrong in our society and really pay attention to what children go through in school and offer a solution.

    I also dont think that posters should be attacked for having a different opinion.


  6. Potter, we don’t mind differing opinions. It’s the ones that are so far out in left field that we mind. I mean seriously when someone says that Columbine happened because of a subconcious republicanism fed to them from every aspect of society, they were filling a need for the illuminati elite is tin foil hat material. And one of the other commenters on another thread just basically hurled homophobic insults at me.

    I don’t beleive Columbine was caused because of bullying. I beleive it was caused by two mentally disturbed kids with no parental supervision. The stories abiut them being bullied and outcasts are all myths.


  7. Two more name theories:

    1) One school of thought is that it’s named after a Doom character, his favorite game. This is false though. I play and like Doom, and Doom has no characters (or one’s that live long enough to tell their story anyways).

    2) The boys would hire themsleves out as bodyguards to bullied kids, not just in their movies, but in real life. Either way, do you suppose it’s possible that they viewed themselves as lone rebels for the outcasts of their school?

    And I wouldn’t tottaly write out bullying as having a hand in the disaster (I don’t believe it was even that great a force). My belief is that these two boys were a disaster in the making, and would have attacked somewhere else, but the petty injustices they may have suffered at the hands of the school drove them to attack that location. The FBI says that often times mass murders attack a place that held some kind of negative significance to them (offie where they got fired, resteraunt where their wedding proposal got rejected, etc.).

    Anywaysw, that’s just what I think. Congratulations on being #319 Trench.


  8. I find the bullying argument to be hypocritical since Harris and Klebold were bullies themselves.

    Thanks, I’ll probably drop off the list totally this month. πŸ˜†


  9. The boys would hire themsleves out as bodyguards to bullied kids, not just in their movies, but in real life.

    I wonder… was this like a mafia type protection ? “pay us or we will pick on you” πŸ˜†


  10. I agree with you that bullying wasn’t the cause of this disaster. The cause was two isolated, disturbed teens who had too much time on their hands and not enough parenting. But with the weaponry they had, they could have chosen to attack anyplace. Why the school? Well, the FBI says that mass murderers attack places where they felt their lives went down the drain, so maybe the injustices that they may have suffered at the hands of the school drove them to attack in that location. Brooks Brown himself said on the Zero Hour documentary “They could’ve pick anywhere. A shopping mall, a public library. But no, they chose the school because of the injustices of the enviroment”.

    I would be shocked if I heard that Harris and Klebold had not been bullied at all in their four years of Columbine. All teenagers are bullied, especially in a school ruled by a “cult of the athlete”, not to mention that they wore trenchcoats, listened to metal, were computer-literate, hated sports, and essentially acted in ways that expressed their feelings of isolation.

    Nah, Trench, you deserve the 319. The mark of a great blog is the ability to attract (rational) readers that don’t necessarily agree/outright oppose your viewpoints. Take it from me, I’m an atheist liberal (somewhat liberal, not rabid tree-hugging liberal), and I would call myself on of the regulars here.


  11. Please guys, use your common sense and dont eat everything that they try to feed you.

    Remember that the school district and the Government are capable of misguiding the public to about accepting that they had any blame in the incident. they obviously dont wanna turn the killers into victims.

    “I mean seriously when someone says that Columbine happened because of a subconcious republicanism fed to them from every aspect of society”

    and you are right, that is way overboard.


  12. Thats good, I have had that nick name for a long long time and someone told me that I shared that with one of the assholes. I care not because when it was given to me, they werent yet in Middle School.

    But its better to know I didnt share it with them :mrgreen:


  13. Long story, basically (about 15 years ago) a good friend began calling me that because of the multiple personality thing I got going for me and I held on to it… The nickname.

    Oh I’m I have way more than 2 people living in this head now too πŸ˜†


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